Shakeups in the Ministry of Tourism today


Basil Smith

Nassau, Bahamas — A second major shakeup in the Ministry of Tourism is underway this morning, as BP is on the ground in the department, and here’s what we know.

Tourism has secured the services of Tom Crockett and has positioned the former VP for UPS shipping into the position as Chief Marketing Officer at the ministry. Crockett, another Non-Bahamian, will move from sorting mail to branding the products of the Bahamas. BP has learnt the man has no inkling of what the product of the Bahamas entails, but when an “empty head” appoints another, the result is you get is a shell.

We have also learnt ‘a young ting’ is returning home to fill the position as the new deputy director of Tourism. The individual, we are told, shall leapfrog a gang of professionals within the department and will not get the support needed in the failing ministry.

Current Jamaican appointed Director for Communications, Basil Smith, is another strange character in the ministry who seems to never find his way out of Tourism. Smith, we are told is approaching 70 years of age, and even the Jamaicans refuse to rehire him. He continues to serve at the pleasure of the PM, and we believe acts as an agent to carry secrets to our tourism rivals.

The Bahamahost programme is collapsing and is falling into chaos. BP has noted operators of the course cannot meet the demands of the many unemployed persons seeking to upgrade their skills in Tourism. We are told scores of applicants cannot get a date to begin classes nor are there sufficient instructors to handle current loads. The programme was established under the great former Minister of Tourism, the Late Sir Clement T. Maynard.

The newest lost sheep now in Tourism is current Permanent Secretary, Hyson Pratt. “The woman is as lost as Alice was in Wonderland. She is clueless as to the needs of the ministry and with tourism already struggling with everything on the decline, this is no time for government experiments,” an official in the ministry said.

Meanwhile, we are told the tourism officers are happy to see Vernae ‘Doll Baby’ Walkine exit out the door. We are told the workers are throwing a party for her departure, but guess what, no one wants to contribute to the event.

One organizer told BP, “Ya know it is one of those things where it is a bitter sweet item. On one hand ya happy to see the ‘Doll Baby’ go, but on the other hand, things are so bad no one has money to celebrate her departure.”

FNM Convention from C. Allen Johnson on Vimeo.


  1. I can’t believe you hired this incompetent fool!! Was the pool of applicants limited to him? You should have asked Mcdonalds franchisees. He almost bankrupted them with his assinine price slashing. You should have asked the UPS store franchisees. He succeeded in bankrupting them with his drastic price slashing and giveaways. It’s very easy to risk someone elses money and that’s what Tom Crockett does best. I would not be surprised if he brought in the Doner advertising firm. It’s good to have high priced talent, but Tom is just high priced. Good luck Bahamas, you will need it.


  2. There are so many ways Tom Crockett can hurt the Bahamas Tourism, and these people have no clue what they are getting into. Sad that this man can go from company to company destroying the profits of so many businesses and NEVER be held responsible!

  3. Tom is an incompetent, unethical jerk. He has been blowing insane amounts hard earned The UPS Store money on useless, pointless projects for years. Good Riddens Tom! I’m now waiting for my poorly printed Bahamas Sweepstakes Scratch Off card with your FREE give away. Ooooops! it doesn’t scratch off. That must be a “Vendor Problem”. Oh well, its RECALL TIME! Maybe you should check them out before you print millions of them with other peoples ad money. You wasteful IDIOT!
    Better yet ask them if they even want to do a stupid sweepstakes, I feel so bad for the Bahamas they used to be profitable. I’d rather go to Aruba. Tom’s crock is stinkin up the place.

  4. Tom Crockett’s idea of a marketing campaign will be to give away free trips to the Bahamas for absolutely no reason at all. He won’t explain why the Bahamas are great, or why people should go there. He will not really understand where the Bahamas are located, but there will be a lot of free hotels stays, mark my words.

  5. Tom Crockett will ruin your tourism, just like he ruined MC Donalds and The UPS Store, THANK GOD he is gone–GOOD RIDDENS DOLLAR TOM!!!

  6. Age Discrimination, Gender Discrimination, Racial Discrimination, What do these things have to do with selecting the best candidate from a pool? Dance Puppets, Dance I say!!!!!!!!!

  7. He sure has made it better since he became the minister for Tourism… So I don’t know what you are talking about…

  8. Tourism will neva work till they move the head niggas who sit there and cut down peter to please paul. It’s a buddy buddy world in Tourism. We now at a place where you cut down da educated to accommodate the uneducated, jus cuz dey ya friends. We bound for damnation.

  9. Y the impotent head of tourism is not removed for only being a fast talking dreamer, who’s dreams are costing tax payers millions of dollars,for VINCENT DOES NOT HAVE A CLUE HOW TO MAKE THE TOURISM PRODUCT FRUITFUL…

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