Shane Gibson found NOT GUILTY on all counts following his six-week trial…

Shane Gibson

NASSAU| A major victory has been handed down by the jury in the Supreme Court just minutes ago following a six week trial involving former Cabinet Minister D. Shane Gibson.

The former Minister was found not guilty of some 15 counts of bribery, which many legal scholars suggested were persecution exercises being carried out by the state against political personalities.

Former Senator Frank Smith was also cleared of bribery charges back in February and his acquittal was upheld by the Court of Appeal.

The Government has sought leave directly to the Privy Council on the case, about which we have yet to learn a response.  

The Victory becomes a big victory for the Progressive Liberal Party who now should withdraw its participation from Parliament in protest of the dangerous persecution exercises now being visited on its members by the Minnis Government!

Shane Gibson has WON! The ruling by the jury was UNANIMOUS! And we at BP THANK GOD FOR THIS GREAT VICTORY!

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis, Q.C., who we know engineered this massive powerful legal victory, issued an immediate statement following the court ruling:

“Today’s not guilty verdict is a miracle.  My colleagues and I have prayed for this moment and we are pleased that the jury saw it the way we had been seeing it.

This case should never have been brought. It should not have gone to the jury. It was clear from the start that this was simply victor’s justice, the political party in power taking advantage of its position as guardians of the state to oppress the political minority.

Opposition Leader Hon. Philip Brave Davis Q.C.

“Prime Minister Hubert Minnis goes down in history of our country as the meanest and most vengeful Prime Minister: one who sought to divide instead of uniting. His Attorney General goes down in history as one whose office did not follow the law but allowed politics to drive the prosecution of a political opponent.

“We know that the evidence was contaminated in this case by reason of bringing witnesses together to discuss and remove ambiguities and difference between them. Once revealed the trial should have been stopped.  The misconduct of the prosecutors should not go without inquiry with a view of ensuring that justice is done.

“I am deeply disappointed in the FNM. They all stood and allowed his injustice to be wreaked upon Shane Gibson and his family.

“At the end of the day, the jury got it right.

“I wish to thank the legal team headed by K D Knight, Able Don Foote, Damien Gomez QC and Philip McKenzie. They did a yeoman’s job. We owe them all a debt of gratitude.

“Finally, I wish to say that we continue to pray for Shane Gibson and his family. They have been vilified and unjustly accused. As Mr. Gibson returns to private life, it is my hope that he and his family, will find solace in this victory and that he will find a measure of peace and justice in what happened in this court today.”