Minnis Cabinet just made it sweeter for Ministers to travel along with their spouses and at least one sweetheart!


Travel Budget Increases to $4 Million as the rip-off/rape continues! All Cabinet Ministers to immediately join the world’s Travel VIP Admirals Club!

Churchill Building – Cabinet Office.

NASSAU| The Minnis Cabinet just made it better for its members while they heap taxes and fees on citizens who are caught up in a situation where debt keeps rising in the Bahamas.

Bahamas Press has breaking information from the Cabinet of the Bahamas today where we can confirm travel expenses for Cabinet Ministers, their spouses and at least one sweetheart just got better! Four Million Dollars Better!

BP can confirm that the Minnis Cabinet has now agreed to issue – with immediate effect – a new personal Travel Debit Card to all sitting Ministers for their many trips — jetting all around the world. This personal card could now be used for additional expenses incurred for all official trips.

In addition to this new “Sweetheart Enhancement” by the Government, we are learning Cabinet Ministers can now take along their spouses on official trips, which have now been increased from one official trip to two per year – all paid for by taxpayers. But it gets even better.

Not only has the Minnis Government increased the per diem for its Ministers but now has included a per diem for the traveling spouse – for each day – while jetting off in the world. The Cabinet paper cites that “Ministers’ spouses [to] receive the same per diem as Technical Officers.”

The Cabinet has also decided that outside accompanying aides on official trips, all Ministers are now to be permitted to be supported and aided on those trips – fully funded by taxpayers – by one Technical Officer of their choosing.

Ministers will also get the royal carpet treatment for long flights. The Cabinet concluded, “Business class tickets be purchased for all trips less than ten [10] hours duration per leg and First Class tickets be purchased for all tickets 10 hours in duration, per leg.

And if you believe that is all, the Minnis Cabinet has also agreed that all members of the Cabinet are afforded the privileges of the exclusive travel VIP Admiral’s Club.

Additionally, the Cabinet decided that the current stipend be increased from eighty dollars [$80.00] to one hundred dollars [$100.00] per day (diem) for domestic travel and from one hundred and fifty dollars [$150.00] to two hundred and fifty dollars [$250.00] per day (diem) for international.

BP is learning the Ministry of Finance is expected to facilitate all arrangements for the above.

We report yinner decide!