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Should PM Ingraham Set Free Illegal Haitian Residents From the Detention Centre?

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  1. Since our government is so loving and compassionate I want to know what are they going to do for those 1,200.00 bahamians who are about to lose their homes because they cannot pay their mortgages. Are any of you who agree with this going to take in your homeless brothers & sisters? If not where is your compassion? Love must first start from home. Oh and by the way its now very convenient to be a christian nation when you people are committing adultery,fornicating and so on and so fort.   

  2. Natural Disasters are just something that mankind has no control over. And while my heart does go out to Haiti and its people at this time, I strongly feel that the Bahamian it was the wrong decision to free the illegal Haitian immigrants and grant them temporary status within the country. What positive outcome will come of that? Laws of the land are made and enforced to keep stability in society and protect the people of the land.  In the interest of  fairness and “compassion” they might as well let all the other detainees and the other prisoners in FOX Hill free as well.  Better yet, post “Welcome Illegal Immigrants”  and “Caution: Free Inmates” signs all over the Bahamian Borders. What message is this government sending to other migrants who want to make the Bahamas their home illegally? What message is this government portraying to those who commit other crimes?  For a government that has been on a mission to decrease the level of illegal immigration and crime in the country,  this move will only make these major issues rise in the Bahamas, making things for the country  much worse before it gets any better. There is no problem with the Bahamian governement helping out Haiti and the Haitian people. There is always a better way to go about doing something. Now could not have been a better time to repatriate the illegal Haitian immigrants back to Haiti. I say this because many countries around the world are sending help to the country and offering their services in Haiti. The Haitians can get the help they both need and require in their homeland now more than ever.  Don’t you think that  the Bahamian goverment already spent millions in repatriation fees? How can this Bahamian government send huge sums of monies and make these irrational decisions when they can not even help their own Bahamian people? Haiti has a population of over 10 million people. The Bahamas has a population of over 300,000 people. And yet, the government can not use that money to aid its own people?  The Bahamian government is already in  billions of debt as it is. There are not enough job opportunities in the Bahamas. There are not enough options. The government could and should do more for their people before trying to take care of another country and its people in terms of food,  healthcare, education, jobs, shelters and other neccessities needed to maintain a better quality of life as a Bahamian.

  3. It is with utterly proposterous that  we call ourselves a ‘Christain Nation’ and we possess such  cold hearts. I have been in shock for the past few days listening to all of the negative comments being made about the Prime Minister’s position to release 103..103, not 10,300 or even 1,003, but only 103 persons from the Detention Centre in light of the tragedy which occured in Haiti.  When since Bahamians became more important than any other nationality. We are simply not. Haitians are humans first and it is a good thing God is not like human because I will be sorry if something as catastrophic hits the Bahamas as did Haiti. The Prime minister made the right, humane decision and all we now have to do is pray that everything will work out for the better. And you all  say we are a praying nation, then we should not have to worry…Way to go Mr. P.M.

  4. I must say, by reading the headlines and PM Ingraham’s response to the Haitian crisis, I commend the government and their efforts to afford these individuals some liberty in the wake of devastation.  The PM was only just in stating that, by being a Christian nation with “so called Christian values”-most of us are only hypocrites!!!  Come on, it is ridiculous to see some of the responses made on this poll-those which are against letting the Haitian detainees free.  Yes we have a domestic legal system, and moreover we also adhere to an international legal system, but all laws aside, we have a duty to assist our neighbours whenever in need.  WAKE UP BAHAMAS!!! WHERE IS YOUR COMPASSION!!

  5. Whoever said Haitians just want a country to go to thats a damn lie. Canada opened their boarders offered to let them in and they said NO..beggars cannot be choosers. Ya’ll get flippin real and start making this government accountable for the crap h does.

  6. No can has answered what are we going to do or give to the Haitians who will come here in the next weeks and months. Also what about the illegals who weren’t in the DC. Does this mean they can apply for Temporary status?? This decision obviously wasn’t thought through at all.

  7. I just saw the news broadcast and confirmation that the 93 Haitians were let out. Why don’t we just let the Haitian Criminals in JAIL out too!!??
    After all, the ILLEGAL immigrants who were let out were criminals in our country as they were  BREAKING THE LAW! So what’s the difference?
    In fact, while we are at it, why not just let The Bahamian Criminals out of jail  too! Come on guys, where is our C-O-M-P-A-S-S-I-O-N!?…
    I’m not saying that we should send them home right now, but they were BREAKING THE LAW and should have been kept DETAINED. There is a price to pay when you break the law!  Even God has a penalty for breaking the law. Do you think on judgement day he’s going to say to a devil worshiping sinner, that he can get into the pearly gates because there was a tragedy going on when he should have been obeying God’s law?
    I am a die-hard FNM, but I can’t say I agree with the PM on this one!

    • Not all persons who break the law are criminals. If you run the red light, are you a criminal?  If you break the speed limit, are you a criminal? If you didn’t renew your shop license, are you a criminal?  Likewise, if you enter the country without leave of an immigration officer, you are not necessarily a criminal.  The Haitians in prison are in fact criminals because they were  tried in court and convicted.  This whole idea that we may as well release the prisoners is absurd.

  8. I think it’s a catch 22. Remember, had a tsunami hit Bahamian people would be looking for a place to stay too. I agree. Haitian people have a history of violence and whileI am going to donate some items, i know that history shows many of these people accept the fish but never learn to fish.  The country has a history of chaos. I really feel bad for the misery they are in but you know there are some people in the boat now on their way here. You know now tht guvment dem who was just threatening pastors about hiding illegals now called off their hunt it might be chaos.We already don’t know how many of these people live here. Now would be a good time since they got nothing to fear to get a count. If they in the bahamas, they need to adapt our language and our laws. But you bring up a good point. they are not from the area where the quake was. Chile, I musie need to go stock up on supplies because you know Haitian don’t travel alone.By the way, if they one someone else property, that need to fix too. LEGALLY manI ga be honest too. Haiti is a place that can’t ever recover because the majority of the people violent and expect handouts. They been abused by they leaders for so long they don’t know no other way. This does not apply to all haitians because there are  a lot of wealthy ones in that mix too but the ones we have need to be honest and answer to us or we ga need to be watching them on bank lane overcrowding HMP.

    • PAPA still has not explained to the Bahamian people what protocols he has established in relation to the temporary release.He did say that some of them were here for 15 yrs or more which tells me that it took Immigration that length of time to capture them.The crazy man let them go and no Bahamian knows who they are.I feel in the public interest we need to know.The follies of PAPA are viewed as strong leadership by those unaware of good business practices and I pity the blind leading the blind.Govts are a business and one man cannot make a decision that is bound to negatively affect the populace.Misinformation spewed by the wutless press tends to make many believe that this little short man makes good decisions and we all know differently.PAPA was making noise the other day about the bye Election that took place in South Andros in 1997 upon the resignation of Sir Lynden from Parliament and he blamed the PLP subtly for stretching the process then.Well blow me down PAPA w2as PM at the time but in his little world he wants to cast blame on those who had no authority to do anything about the date for the bye election.Where and what are the protocols for the release of the Haitians?PAPA who obviously reads this site tried to make some up as he went along in his diatribe last evening.In my estimation PAPA has no protocols and is trying to make them up as he is challenged.If he had any why did he not let us know when he made the press release?wutless wutless wutless.

  9. My thing is Ingraham does things without letting the Bahamian people know what he is doing. He is acting like he elected himself to be Prime Minister. At least the American people know what’s going on and what to expect, Obama already said he is giving the Illegal Haitians that are now living in the US temporary stay and they are free to work and get drivers license for a period 18 moths, but he made it clear if anymore was coming they would be send back immediately. That is why you see people respect Obama, because he knows how to lead his country, unlike our Prime Minister who doesn’t tell us anything. We have to be here trying to figure out what he is doing. I live in the Bahamas and I already know how the US President is planning on dealing with the influx of illegal immigrants, but when it comes to my own country I don’t have a clue as to what is going on. I trying to figure out why our Prime Minister feel as if Bahamians are not worthy of any explanation.

    • EXACTLY Obama made a DECISION then he issued out INSTRUCTIONS. You want Ingraham to say ok now Bahamians what to do about the Haitians?…. LETS make a poll. A. Pray for em’.  B. Ship em back  C. Wait a while to make a decision. I mean Kim you know exactly how much ignorant and cold hearted Bahamains can be…. But what Ingraham did was the right thing if you ask me. BUT NOTICE….. he enn say nothing bout no jobs or drivers licenses. You expect him to think LONG and ask for advice about the situation?…. AND ALSO DO you understand how long ECONOMIST are predicting things will get back to normal in Haiti? If you think things are rough in Haiti then can you only imagine now?….. Ingraham is trying to make way provisions for what is expected to be a serious strain on Immigration in this country.

      • Buddy you rambling on with all kind of unnecessary foolishness, you missing all the important points in my comment. My concern is how come I know how the President of the United of America is planning on dealing with the influx of more illegal Haitians immigrants coming to their country and don’t know what my own Prime Minister plans are pertaining to the same problem. All I want know if he planning on welcoming them, sending them back or detaining them. That’s all I want know, plain and simple.

        • Look, the whole world is now trying to see how they can give Haiti a helping hand in the aftermath of this catastrophic earthquake. Organizations, volunteers, celebrities, etc. If the Bahamas choose to help by taking care of the few who are there, 115 people or so, it’s not the end of life for Bahamians. On the big scale of things, that is microscopic help. How in all good conscious could you expect to send them back to nothing, and the Dentention Center is just a temporary hold. If they are not going back then they should be released. The naturalization laws of any country makes provisions to naturalize people under special circumstances such as this.   So, you can choose to welcome your new residents and help them anyway you can, now and in the future. I don’t htink they’ll take your job, or you’ll starve one day because they are here. Lighten up and show some love. It’s not a political issue!

  10. With this temp status will the haitians be able to vote? No one is saying send them back cause that would just be wrong, but my thing is there will be an influx of haitians fleeing their country only for a better life, what will happen when the word gets out that if they get to the bahamas they will not be sent back and that they will get temp status? PANDORA’S BOX just opened..

    • No, it’ just refers to the Haitians who are already here. Other countries are doing the same thing. It’s just a world-wide strategy of progressive nations to lend a helping hand.  I do agree that there has to be a plan to deal with the long-term affects. I think we have smart enough people to handle that.  

  11. Ingraham always rushing and making these hasty decisions without thinking things through properly. Before he rush and make these half hazard decisions that will affect the lives of Bahamians, he must try and understand what he is dealing with. All these people that will be fleeing from Haiti to the Bahamas are not all regular family people, some of them are hardcore criminals that were serving life time sentence for some serious crimes. More than likely they will be the first set to get out of Haiti, because once things settle down there they would not want to risk being recapture again. I believe some of them may be trying to get out there right now and they could be heading just about anywhere. We would like to help the Haitian people, but we can’t afford to embrace more criminals into our society. We have a serious crime problem as it is in this country right now. We are a Christian nation and I know we will try to help them out, but we must do it in a responsible way and not in a way that will be detrimental to the Bahamian people. I think Ingraham should think this over carefully before he makes any hasty decisions.

    • Are you not getting it?….. Do you understand if he did wait to make a decision it would look bad internationally. SEE What you must realize is a leader should be ready to make some SERIOUS DECISIONS in a short time span. I hope you noticed at 7 30 PM Hubert Ingraham brought out statements to the press HOURS after the quake and spoke with Haiti’s President. I also hope you noticed…. Perry brought out statement the following day. HE ALWAYS LATE!….. USA, Bahamas and other Caribbean countries did the same SWIFT DECISIONS about making Temporary  residency.

      • Bahamas youth if you are going to respond to any of my post, please try to understand what I am saying. I never said I had a problem with how quick Ingraham made his decision; my concerns are that he is making responsible decision that will not affect the safety of the Bahamian people. You see Bahamasyouth, when the people when to the poll to vote, they were voting for a government that would have their best interest at heart, not to be doing what everybody else is doing. Now don’t get me wrong, because I know how you is get confused very easily and you are always twisting things. I don’t think most people has a problem with Ingraham giving the illegal Haitians immigrants that are here now temporary status because that is the only decent thing to do, that’s why most countries are doing the same thing. What most people are concerned about is how is he going to handle the ones that may be on the way here and he is not addressing that issue. Now, I know you may not have a problem with Ingraham not addressing this important issue, because anything that Ingraham does as far as you are concern it is well done, even if it means jeopardizing yourself and the lives of your family.

  12. I mean yal Bahamians are something else…. what do you expect? Haiti needs TIME to catch itself so you expect Hubert to ship em back HAITI?/…… HOW YOU THINK DAT GA LOOK ON US ON A WHOLE? Bahamians like to complain about everything….. Oh BY THE WAY…. All the Caribbean countries and USA doing the same thing. HELLO LADIES AND GENTS WE SIGNED UP FOR CARICORM; thats ABOVE HIM to not follow the RULES AND REGULATIONS set by UN, CARICORM etc.

  13. No I do not think that the detained Haitians be released…yes I do agree we need to help and assist them…but temporary status …come on…the Bahamas alone cannot “save” Haiti…for what has happened to them.. the world indeed need to assist and is helping…the repercussion of this decision will long be felt wayyyyyy after Haiti recovers and rebuild…some of them will never go back because something is always happening (hurricanes, ect) to that country…but it just goes to show that ” having a conscience to help is one thing, but having a “simple mind” is bliss…sit down and count the cost of your decision PM…and cost does not means MONEY

  14. So can someone please tell me what are we going to do with the Haitians who will come here in next few weeks and months? Since we have a “Let Haitians Go” Motto at Immigration I’m guessing we not apprehend the Haitians coming as we have a strange policy it seems.

  15. Hubbiggity has lost his mind… do not let 115 unknown people reside in your country especially when you are currently facing a crime wave. Then to add insult to injury you tell these people that immigration officers are not allowed to enforce the laws of the Bahamas. Ask yourselves this question did the USA release all of the Haitian detainees because of the disaster… has nothing to do with hthe other.

    • Yes, the US did.  Homeland Security Secretary, Janet Napolitano extended Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to illegal Hatian immigrants in the US.  This is essentially what The Bahamas did, except the US is also giving them the right to work.  The reaction of the Americans commenting on the blogs is pretty much the same as yours, but governments have to do what governments have to do.  Its all about what is right, not what is popular.

      • So mr. eagle will you open your home to one of these haitians that you know nothing about? I mean it will not be popular but it would be right…..

        • I was simply responding to the question as to whether the US did the same thing.  You need to calm down and not get too hysterical. 

  16. In my mind, this is a no-brainer.  I have no doubt that Perry Christie would have done the same thing (presuming he acted upon what he knew to be right without fear of political backlash).  I also understand the passion of my people who oppose this move, but in the fullness of time, they too will see that this would have no negative impact on their personal lot in life.  There are times when it is appropriate to be self-centered and to do all manner of things that are self-serving.  This is not one of those times.  We really need to focus, and do all in our power, however small,  to ease the pain and suffering of a desperate and hurting people.  We have no choice.  We ourselves are not immuned from the wrath of Almighty God. 

  17. Hopefully the Govt will take this opportunity to try out the ankle bracelet to determine its effectiveness.Am still waiting for the Govt to say what measures are in place to track those released and the terms of the release. In his vain attempt to appear decisive PAPA might have put the cart b4 the horse.As a Bahamian I feel I have the right to know who was released so photos of the fortunate persons should be printed and given to the TV and printed media.

  18. Bahamians has done nothing but being lenient and generous towards the Haitian people, that‘s just the kind of people we are. I am not going to say all Bahamians love Haitians, but then again you have some Haitian that don’t love Bahamians either and that’s just the way it is. Haitians are able to come the Bahamas and live better than they live in their own country. You could send some of them back 100 times and by the time immigration does their next round up it is the same people they are picking up again, that how much they love the Bahamas. Despite how some people may feel towards Haitians we treat them like our own people, they get free education when Bahamian children can’t even get in schools. Free medical care, when Bahamians can‘t find no way to even sit in the hospital. They could pick, chose and refuse where they wants to build their homes and how they want to build it and with no building codes and if a Bahamians tries that the government would ask them to break it down or they would take a delight in breaking it down themselves. So people coming on here talking their foolishness about Bahamians discriminating against Haitians needs to be fear and balance, because they are only talking from what they regard as being their reality, but the truth is we are doing so much good and positive things for the Haitians people. Right now, we have Bahamians trying to make donations, sending can goods and clothing to aid the people in Haiti.

  19. Tones, yours is the most sensible reason I’ve heard yet, “Do we let prisoners go because of a disaster”, the hell with the FNM or PLP, to hell with politics, this is our sovereignty, or national security, if their was someone in the media with balls or in the governing party with something resembling manhood, Bahamian people would not feel so hurt, I understand this is a touchy subject and everyone is afraid of losing votes, again to hell with votes, …..HAI is playing politics again, and he is good,…… but don’t play with our country this way.

  20. I dont think that they should let them go.  After all they are illegal immigrants.  I agree with Tones dont send them back now but encouraging illegal immigration still is not a good idea.  We can help out with the earthquake disater as much as possible by donating, volunteering and assisting.  Would you give up your house to homeless man?  And what does this temporary status mean?  Does it mean that they will be entitled to paid employment in the Bahamas?  Because if it does alot of Bahamians should be worried, when illegals WILL be competing for your jobs and are willing to work for substantially less.  Not to mention what this move will mean for our country in the future.  Ingraham said that he is changing the immigration policy.I will spell it out: The massive Haitan population will absorb our much smaller population, and they have an advantage over us, they’re bilingual.  As soon as they outnumber us-they will treat us like we are immigrants.I think you can help the Haitian community in other ways without cutting your nose off your face.By the way how come I have not heard about the US releasing Haitian detainees or Canada (and by the way the Governor General of Canada is Haitian).I feel and pray for the Haitian community but as a daughter of this soil, the Bahamas, I care about my country and the future of it.  I simply cant make a decision, that will benefit Haitains and damn Bahamians.

  21. I think it should be done. However, we must have an effective way of tracking them once they leave the detention center. It does not matter that they are from the north, south, east or west of Haiti.  The fact remains that the country is in chaos right now.

  22. I do not believe the Haitians who were apprehended and held at the Detention Center should have been released. I can also say that my opinion is not political because I have never had the opportunity to vote in the Bahamas and do not stand behind any of the parties.

    It does apppear here that our government has made a unilateral decision and not provided the Bahamian people with an explanation for this release.  What is the integration plan for these Haitians into our society?  At the Detention Centre they were provided for …. what provisions have been made for them to earn a living in New Providence? I do agree with the decision to hold off on raids though because that appears prudent.

     The earthquake is unfortunate but I believe we should continue to respect the law of the land and hold the detainees as such time they can be repatriated to their homeland. Granted the Prime Minister has accepted that most Haitians here and those who are actually at the detention Centre are not from Port au Prince and perhaps never even visited there.  The leadership practices of this government is beginning to annoy me  because I am not in the ignorant pool of Bahamians who wear 3-D glasses and see only in red or gold!

  23. I do not believe the Haitians who were apprehended and held at the Detention Center should have been released. I can also say that my opinion is not political because I have never had the opportunity to vote in the Bahamas and do not stand behind any of the parties.It does apppear here that our government has made a unilateral decision and not provided the Bahamian people with an explanation for this release.  What is the integration plan for these Haitians into our society?  At the Detention Centre they were provided for …. what provisions have been made for them to earn a living in New Providence? I do agree with the decision to hold off on raids though because that appears prudent. The earthquake is unfortunate but I believe we should continue to respect the law of the land and hold the detainees as such time they can be repatriated to their homeland. Granted the Prime Minister has accepted that most Haitians here and those who are actually at the detention Centre are not from Port au Prince and perhaps never even visited there.  The leadership practices of this government is beginning to annoy me  because I am not in the ignorant pool of Bahamians who wear 3-D glasses and see only in red or gold!

  24. Welllllll unlike the two ppl that replied to this already i totally disagree. i think it was not only wrong but very stupid of the ogly one, to go ahead and release those ppl from the detention center. first of all this country is already suffering a high unemployment rate. what are these hundred or so ppl gonna do out here on our streets to survive? how do we know they wont be the same ppl robbing, stabbing, shooting etc and adding to our crime rate? what the ogly man should have done with those ppl was to round them up and any other illegal who roaming about our streets at the defense force base and all of them along with our defense force officers should go to haiti and help in the rescue efforts. i think 6months of assisting their fellow men should be the price they pay for FULL CITIZENSHIP in our country. after that time theey can be brought back here and given their papers. i promise you not a one of them will return back to haiti or turn themselves back in to authorities here after this temporary status has expired. as for the person who said we treat haitians bad etc buddy if someone comes here and breaks our laws we aint obligated to be nice to them. and if the bahamas is so rude and racist to haitians just how they get here they can get from here its just that simple. i do sympathize with them nah, dont get me wrong but at the end of the day we have to protect our land, our culture our heritage for our kids and our future.

    • You are one cold-hearted human being. The terms “round them up” like they are animals. Look, migration is a part of life. People do it all over the world to seek a better life or varying levels. Bahamians fo off to school because the Bahams does not have all the necessary college courses to properly educate it’s citizens, and hey, many of them do not return because they chose to seek a better life in America. it’s the same differnece. No, they may not starve to death if they return to the bahams, but somehow they want to give themselves and their families a “better life by working in America, Canada etc. And surprise many of them stayed illegally. Check the stat of Bahmaians in Florida.    I’m not saying that the doors of the Bahamas should be swung open with no control for our borders. But, there is a better way to handle problems of the land and it takes individuals to look at the good of people first. None is taking anything away from you. And check who are comitting the majority of crimes in the Bahamas, your people.  So, soften up. See if you can do something to help the less fortunate. You’ll be amazed of the inner rewards.  LOL.  

  25. I see the earthquake has not only caused Hubert Ingraham to lose his head…it’s caused sensible Bahamians blinded by party loyalty, a guilty conscience, or affiliation with or of Haitian nationality to agree to something as absurd as this. Do you let prisoners go because of a disaster? No!! P.M.Ingraham and all time Haitian lover and betrayer of all things Bahamian Dr.Eugene Newry both agreed that the illegal Haitians here are from the northern part of Haiti….the northern part of Haiti wasn’t hit by the earthquake it was the south!!! Who do are leaders and the world think they are fooling?…rich folks love Haitians here because they need to find someone to exploit…Let me tell y’all something the Bahamas is not to far from a civil war!! All of the ingredients are here: a violent illegal minority and citizens being deprived of their rights to pursue happiness because of this government’s love affair with illegal immigrants!!! So all of you otherwise sensible FNM supporters start shooting of your collective mouths as y’all agree with the dumbest policy position in Bahamian history…I say again don’t deport them now but for peace sakes hold them…detain them…then deport them…Haiti will forever be a crisis land!!!!

    • so you want to spend my tax money on feeding people behind chain-link fence when you can see it is not possible to return them at this time. As for civil war people tend not to fight losing battles destroy the bahamas and where will all of us go. If any immigrants were so inclined the clashes would have started. over the years we have killed raped and abused these vulnerable people and extend all nicety to immigrants of a lighter hue. How is your happiness in twined in this? do you have shares in the flights operation because from where im sat every month they have a plane load. In 1966 when thompson was Commissioner of police they had a load of immigrants from haiti detained at oakesfield site at that time some of the bahamians refused to give the people food. Do you remember the hacker murders? re cyril darville all the victims were haitian hackers… much more illtreatment must these humans endure. They dont want your country they want any country they can live in peace. So you theory is only the capital affected so detain them until thats fixed and then send back? How do you know the origin of these particular immigrants the majority may originate from cape haitien but how bout the rest? there is also the fact that the affected area is populatated by the people of the north who are returning in droves making any return there untenable not to mention infastructure and capacity. finally you and your maxim leader like the other parties dont have a solution to this problem this bandaid approach aint working. have a heart and if you dont have one use yah head the worldd is converging on haiti to help you want us to converge to hate repatriating people in such a climate detaining them indefinite with no due process just locked up like animals children an all nah buddy i wont be a part of that I am bahamian born and bred I personally believe whwatever is decided should be humane and compassionate not knee-jerk and reactionary 

    • youll vote fa pappa dont ask questions black moses come to lead dont get vex nah you aint being consulted. As pappa would say he caused the detention gates to be flung open its his decision and who dare question the poor boy from abaco……haha your happiness lol ….sorry to say pappa’s decision dont take your happiness into account..dont like the puddy cat voted fah the tiger ah my politics gat you fustrated there will be political violence before any civil war watch and see it starting with the posters

  26. due to the earthquake international law(Geneva convention) makes repatriation illegal at this time we need to assist our fellow human beings thats all not debate their dilema all hands on deck help haiti ayiti the discrimination needs to be addressed in the form of legislation and public recognition of the abuse that immigrants have endured in the bahamas we should dis continue des dutty vays

  27. It;s been too long that Bahamians, the christian ones and all,   have mistreated Haitians because they are poor black people. Let something good come out of this disaster, and maybe we may start to have compassion for those whom we think are “less than us”.

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