WHERE IS ANDRE BIRBAL? We Ask Hubert Ingraham for the final time



Nassau, Bahamas — Take a good look at this picture. For months this man has been on the run outside of the Bahamas. Twice he has been in police custody for the rape/molestations of children [BOYS] at a school in Eight Mile Rock, Grand Bahama.

Bahamas Press is once again on the Andre Birbal story. Shattering new is once again coming to us on this the pedophile teacher. Hunting through our global contacts BP will delivered an EXCLUSIVE! It is incredible to know what a government, who claims to have the spirit of TRUST, would do when it comes to aiding and fanning criminal behaviour. BP probes into Birbal will soon begin.

The children of Eight Mile Rock Grand Bahama couldn’t get JUSTICE from Hubert Ingraham’s Government! Carl ‘UNDERNOURISHED’ Bethel – you would remember – oversaw the escape of Birbal out of the country. We shall explore this story as we follow the involvement of the FORMER MINISTER OF EDUCATION, THE CURRENT CHIEF JUSTICE AND FORMER AG and Hubert Ingraham in their failure to deliver justice to the children of Grand Bahama.


  1. Let me say to the bloggers here,on January 14th,2010,made 1 year since the 2nd young man stepped forward to bring the allegations against Birbal,and it was 1 year and 1 week later(7th jan.2010) for the first young man.The select committee showed up in freeport on the 15th january 2010,MY,MY,MY!!!!!Then hurried to cramp the whole investigation into 1 day…..lol…..Let me think,if I am not mistaken,did’nt the lands select committee took a longer investigation?So,if this is true,you mean to tell me that LAND IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN CHILDREN SAFETY????Can someone please inform me better…..MORE TO COME FROM ME…

    • Kim u are so correct,u r on the right tract….BP I know that Birbal is not in the U.S.Marshalls’ custody no more…? The report should be made in the H.O.A. on wednesday 20th january 2010…I will be awaiting that report b4 I make any statements..

  2. There has to be a reason why they let this man go and why they refuse to send for him, something Ingraham them don’t want the Bahamian people finding out. This is why I could never trust Ingraham and the FNM again, until they could explain to the Bahamian people why this man was able to molest those children and get away, I personally don’t trust them.

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