Sissy fight turned deadly on Gladstone Road


Nassau, Bahamas — A sissy women brawl last night had turned deadly and now police are investigating an apparent vehicular homicide, which we classify as murder #114 since 2009.

BP has learned that sometime around 4:20 a.m. into the wee hours of this morning, police were called to Gladstone Road in the area of a known sissy joint called, the ‘Garage Night Club’ where they were told a major fight to the death had erupted.  Police were told the fight concluded when a vehicle, which was driven by another sissy woman who fled the scene of the rock and bottle session, as she struck the female.

Our deep throat on the RBPF said, “We have located a blue 2008 Toyota Corolla, which is believed to be the vehicle involved in this incident. And is now questioning at least one person believed to be the owner of the car. What a sad and terrible way to die BP.”

Investigators who responded also said the scene was bloody as the young girl’s lifeless body was clad in blue short pants; white T-Shirt and a green shirt. She had just exited the place with her new lover about to engage in session fun and frolic, eyewitnesses said.

We are told the male sissies were too afraid to join the fight and protect the deceased woman. We are also told many of them were too busy snatched up with their own partners despite the serious situation at hand.

My goodness, what wutlessness! They have no shame.


  1. MEDIA you have to be a complete fool. Why charge someone who wasnt driving the car? Lets bring it down three levels for you. The deceased was walking to her car passing people who she didnt EVEN KNOW all of a sudden a car ACCIDENTALLY hit her trying to hit a person who was NOT too far from her. The car have yet to stop until she drove home to Joe Farrington road when she allegedly said she was attacked by a group of girls. NOW YOUR A SMART PERSON BP…….. DO THAT SOUND LIKE A LOVERS TO DO?

  2. What dreadful reporting. Biased ignorant prejudiced idiots. The Caribbean amazes me – you pretend to be Christians too. You deserve your third world – keep it. Greetings from London

  3. WAIT!!!! They killed your cousin and you defending the killers. Well call the police we gata be reading that wrong.

    Bahamas, get ya gun, get ya gun! Legal or illegal weapon, people gone MAD in Nassau!

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  4. MEDIA ZNS IS NOT THE ONLY OUTLET. YOU ARE SIMPLE RETARDED STUPID FOOL. I’m telling you who DROVE THE CAR which resulted in my cousin being killed. SECONDLY, TRIBUNE NEWS REPORT which comes on 100 jamz during 4pm YESTERDAY said the name. YOU WANT ME GO IN MORE FLICKEN DETAILS…. THEY have at least 3 other girls in custody they are investigating a connected alleged stabbing which occurred BEFORE and AFTER the homicide. THIS IS WHAT YOUR STUPID SELF SAID She had just exited the place with her new lover about to engage in session fun and frolic, eyewitnesses said””. NO DECENCY AT ALL. LET ME BREAK IT DOWN FOR YOU BP…. The deceased did NOT know the driver and the girl who was not too far from her was THE PERSON THE DRIVER WANTED TO KNOCK DOWN. Tu Apprendre?…. The deceased was walking to her car while she got hit and the LOUIS MURDER sped off with 3 other girls in the car.

  5. So you think its right to report things without doing research. YET so quick to point out on the tribune and ZNS for not reporting issues. IGNORANCE. Personally I think you should be ashamed to spread propaganda about a GIRL who you don’t even know trying to DEFAME HER. THAT’S MORE THAN IGNORANCE THAT’S being cold heated. Ive watch you almost MONTH BY MONTH defaming HOMICIDE VICTIMS without showing any type of RESPECT to the family and most of all to the deceased. BUT WHEN COLD BLOOD KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR STEPS I HOPE YOU REMEMBER WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND WHAT GOES UP MUST COME DOWN. NO TYPE OF DECENCY.

  6. Let me tell you KNOW and in your face TRUTH YOU IS A DAMN LIAR! A DAMN LAIR! You heard me? One DAMN YOU_KNOW_WHAT_LIAR!

    You came on here saying our report was untrue and your friend came on BP facebook page stating the identity of the murder was incorrect. Stating her identity was not true and that her heritage was also another misreport. I’ve just listened to ZNS report and they never mentioned the identity of the accused.

    WE say lock them all up, killing people and chasing through the street? WHERE IN THE HELL YINNER THINK THIS IS? RWANDA? LOCK THEY YOU_KNOW_WHAT_UP and throw away the DAMN KEY! And if you gave us the name of the alleged murderer, how is it now you can say the you don’t know where the DAMN MURDERER IS? How that happen if you gave us the name?

    YOU IS A DAMN LIAR TRUTH! A DAMN LAIR! You heard me One DAMN YOU KNOW WHAT LIAR! And if wasn’t for BP the people would know nothing.

    And you need not threaten BP, you should know BP IS THE LAW! And when you ready just enter our enclosed compound and see if you will pass unlocking the gate. They would meet you as the 115th murdered victim since 2009, think I does play, COME!


  7. truth2 yes we are a strong family, thank you very much. I just don’t want bloggers to think this was a love triangle problem gone bad. BP quick to make up a story to make this incident come out of hands. HAVE THE GUTS to actually say that they presented the murder name first when I told them myself. This blogs is a PATHETIC excuse of a human being putting fabricated stories to defame a girl life. AND THE SAD PART IS….. OUR POLICE have a group of girls in custody when they were not in the damn car what killed this poor girl. The person who KILLED THIS Girl is out of the hospital and I’m not sure where this murderer is but WHAT GOES UP must come down. What goes around will come around. That goes to you too BP.

  8. this sight is bs, lets just hope the bp and their family members dont have to read no s*** like this

    • Now Truth 2 you can cuss us all you wish, Bahamas Press does not have a gun to your head forcing you to read this. No matter what you do or say, our story stands. TAKE DAT! WAP!


  9. BP, My Grandmother used to say, ” Had you not with the crows been found, all would be safe and sound”. I do not know the people to do extend my condolences for the loss of life, but what was see doing at such a place?, was she a dyke?.

  10. Truth it is absolute amazing to see how quickly persons like your self would come on here to discredit what is reported and refuse to alert us to the news item at hand.

    We are reporting the news, supplied to us by our sources investigating the incident. I bet you would not give us a grain of information as to what the fight was all about nor would you say how it started, but the minute we give details you will be on here dismissing our report.

    Carry on.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  11. The Murder name is: Telly Louis
    You needs to be defaming her because shes the stupid criminal who tried to knock down someone else but knock down a INNOCENT HUMBLE FEMALE who I’m going to miss sooo much.

  12. This is a very nasty website, I see why Mr. Bodie think this website is like toilet tissue. This is worst than the PUNCH. This girl was my cousin and for you to defame her character and make up lies is more than disrespectful to me and my family members. Yes she was at the Garage Night Club however she wasn’t involved in a love triangle. She was heading to her car and a girl who she don’t even know was NOT too far from her. And the girl who was driving the car was trying to run over THE NEXT GIRL but yet knocking my cousin. GET YOUR FACTS and stop defaming this girl character.

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