Some people feel the Jamaican gals could juice on the floor but cannot sleep there when police arrests them?


Someone please explain to me why these Human Trafficking lovers keep attacking Bahamian Law Enforcers when it comes to an illegal?

Donna Nicolls and Noelle Nicolls at a press conference held at the Crisis Centre yesterday. Photo: Tim Clarke/Tribune Staff
Donna Nicolls and Noelle Nicolls at a press conference held at the Crisis Centre this week.
Photo: Tim Clarke/Tribune Staff

Nassau, Bahamas — We could not help but laugh when we at BP saw the so-called “selective” activists grab the pages of the Tribune this morning to say the women caught juicing and spinning on their heads at a nightclub who were arrested following a police raid had to sleep on the floor of the police station.

TWO local women’s rights groups are urging Police Commissioner Ellison Greenslade to launch a probe into the arrest and detainment of 11 Jamaican women amid allegations that the group was forced to urinate on the floor of the cell where they slept on cardboard boxes.

The groups say they want Bahamian authorities to cease and desist from treating illegals in an inhumane manner.

Someone must answer the question of the activists:

Where do Bahamians sleep when police arrests them? In the cell, right? And on the floor if ya must! There is no special treatment for anyone once detained by the law in the Bahamas!

Or why are they so selective when it comes to human rights! When educator Joyelle McIntosh was gunned down in the streets a few weeks ago they had nothing to say! In fact not one representative of the Crisis Centre showed up for the young mother of two funeral. WHY?

The fact is when the juicers were looking for Christmas funds by climbing the poles and juicing on the ground, the voices who appear to support lawless, Illegal persons invading the country have nothing to say when a Bahamian is detained under similar conditions. But whenever you see a FOREIGNER get the same treatment Bahamians endure, they are not mute!

We really ‘gatta’ open our eyes to these Human Traffickers getting bold in our business!

We Report Yinner decide!