Sources believe NewCo failed to prepare for the real cost to introduce a decent mobile product…


Customer confidence lost in NewCo after a $500 per month introductory price was introduced and URCA has yet to tell us what it discovered at the second mobile company!


Cable Bahamas welcome is done in the Bahamas! ITS TIME TO CUT DA RED WIRE!

Nassau, Bahamas – A lack of vision, lack of preparation and a clear attempt to be a follower in the mobile market in the Bahamas is causing NewCo to come into the Bahamas market defeated even before the company can get up and running.

Bahamas Press is learning that staff at NewCo are already demoralized after its failed product failed to reach its October 1St launch date.

Sources deep inside the second mobile licensed company, a subsidiary of Cable Bahamas, tell us staff at NewCo is already demoralized and trouble with the system appears to not be getting any better.

Already NewCo has shown it had no real plans to invest in the Bahamas as it sought to get permission through URCA to access its competition’s cell towers. A new company would need more than half a billion dollars to get a fairly decent mobile company up and running and, from the looks of things, the money is not there.

Damian Blackburn told the dailies that he had some $180 million to get NewCo up and running, but experts in the field said, “There is pretty decent evidence as to what is required to launch a successful mobile company. In the case of BTC we know mobile investments in infrastructure were well over $1.05 billion over several years. I know that CBL is already cash strapped and will desperately need to raise much more funds to build out a decent network. Whether the market can withstand two mobile providers is a debate for another day.

“NewCo would need not just capital but subscribers to come onboard and buy into the product and if Hurricane Matthew isn’t proof of the lack of reliability of CBL’s network, which went down all around during the storm, then I think their customer confidence with the company has already taken a fatal shot.”

Yesterday CBL shares collapsed on the BISX, dropping by $0.64 in a single day. It is believed that the damage to the company’s infrastructure on Grand Bahama was a reason for the slide.

What dey ga do now?

Meanwhile scores of complaints about CBL’s failed products have flooded the desk of URCA who said they were investigating the new NewCo product. CBL services in many areas shutdown even before BEC and its unreliable landline went almost off almost immediate following power cuts.

Cable issued billing almost immediately following the Hurricane with $5 late fees being applied to residents who didn’t have a piece of service. Complaints have flooded URCA, but the regulator has gone mute! WHAT IS DIS?

We report yinner decide!