Speaker Halson D. Moultrie to be dropped as Candidate in the upcoming General Elections…


A second FNM MP to drop out of the party’s candidate list as political defeat in polls prove the Governing Party cannot win with Minnis and team…

Prime Minister Dr. Hon. Hubert Minnis [Left] and Speaker Hon. Halson D. Moultrie

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is learning Prime Minister The Most Hon. Hubert Minnis is getting ready to inform some FNM candidates about who will not return to Parliament after the next general elections is announced.

Shocking news handed to Bahamas Press now confirms the Speaker of the House and MP for the community of Nassau Village, Halson D. Moultrie, has made that list of those who shall not be named as a candidate to return to the Parliament following the General Elections.

Speaker Moultrie was just announced as the Chairman of the Boundaries Committee which is setting out the landscape of seats for that same upcoming election.

What is ironic is the fact that, while the Speaker will lead the process to cut and gerrymander seats, he is being plucked out of his seat as the leader of the Parliament’s Lower Chamber. WHAT IS THIS?

Sources close to the selection process told BP, “We will deliver a breath of fresh air to the Parliament as our ‘Second Time Around’ campaign begins.

“We are carefully plotting our game plan on the way forward to restore our economy, attract new investment and focus on putting Bahamians across our nation back to work. And to effectively deliver this, we must attract the best and brightest voices to garner new support to our team. We are ready to win for the Bahamian people!”

Moultrie will become a ONE TERM SPEAKER who could not tell the nation what his discovery was as to why the House had three rule books. He was unfair and clearly still does not understand the rules which govern parliamentary procedure. 

Moultrie is the second senior FNM MP to be axed from the political tree of the FNM. Two weeks ago BP published how Minister for National Insurance and the Public Service Brensil Rolle will also retire from public life when the next election is called. Rolle will not return as the candidate for Garden Hills. He too has felt the wrath of PM Minnis.

As Lord Eddard Stark of House Stark once told the Great Houses of Westeros in the great series GAME OF THRONES: “WINTER IS COMING!”

We report yinner decide!