Weekend Lockdowns begins with no indication when you will come out of house arrest due to COVID!


PM Minnis told Parliament Hospitals are full! New CURFEW is 7pm – 5am daily! WEEKEND IS COMPLETE LOCKDOWN!

Oh and Minnis say “go write a song or wear a T-shirt”…????? – UNPROFESSIONAL!

“~What we do together will determine our shared future.” – The Most Hon. Hubert A. Minnis ??

?? Highlights from Parliament

  • Regular life and business can proceed with greater normalcy in most family islands.

?There are Urgent challenges in New Providence and Abaco.


The following provisions will Take effect on Friday 9th October, 2020 at 7pm.

⏰Full 24-hour Weekend curfews.

• Beginning Friday evenings at 7pm and end Monday mornings at 5am.

?Holiday weekend – Full 3 day 24 hour curfew from Friday at 7pm.

?These apply Only for New Providence and Abaco. This does not include Grand Bahama and the Family islands.

  • During these weekend curfews, only essential services (Uniform branches, public health services and essential utility services will be able to operate)

✈️Sea and airports will continue to operate. No disruption in flight.

  • There will be 1 hour of worship services on Saturday and Sunday’s from 7am.

?No food stores, pharmacies,
Gas stations, or laundromats will be able to operate during the full 24-hour weekend curfew.

  • Food distribution will be tailored to take place during the weekdays.

?Weekday curfew:

Monday – Friday
7pm – 5am

• NO social gatherings will be permitted.

?Police will be aggressive and will set up monitoring stations.

☎️Confidential hotline for persons wanting to report any social gatherings 702-9967-9.

During the week:

• Churches may open for private prayer through the week.

⛪️10 people will be permitted to attend funerals at the graveyard. Wakes will not be permitted

⛪️10 people will be permitted to attend Weddings. Wedding receptions will not be permitted.

✏️Schools on NP and Abaco May only proceed by virtual means. No in person schooling for students.

?Beaches and parks on NP and Abaco will be closed.

• Exercise is permitted in your respective neighborhood Monday – Friday 5am – 7pm.

??‍♂️Gyms will once again be closed.

?Workplace is a major source of community spread. All of those who can work from him should do so.

• Public offices will be instructed by their PS about working from home.

?Restaurants – only take away curbside and deliveries will be permitted.

  • No indoor or outdoor dining on NP and Abaco for now.

?All retail will be curbside except for food stores.

  • Other retail, customers are not permitted to enter the store.

?Supermarkets are open every day Monday – Friday. They have sufficient food.

⛽️Gas stations are not permitted to offer in store services.

?All fines for breaching health protocols will be doubled to encourage compliance with public health measures.

• Bahamians and residents seeking to book hotel rooms will be required to have a negative covid-19 test.

• These measures do not affect travel.

✈️November 1 remains the day for international travel.

  • The healthcare system and medical professionals are stranded.
  • Hospitals are full.
  • If there is further deterioration we risk a collapse of the Healthcare system.