Teachers Unions Elections set for April 7th and we ga FIRE BELINDA DEM!!!


Da Jackass seeking to lead teachers. Boy I tell ya.

Nassau, Bahamas – Breaking news coming out of the courtroom of decent Justice Ian Winder who has now ruled that Belinda Wilson has won her case in a legal battle against the Bahamas Teachers Union.

Justice Winder has set the date for the Teachers Union President race to be held on April 7th, 2017. This is good. And the decision affords the teachers from around the country to select the best candidate to head its organization.

Since 2014 the Teachers Union has had a long drawn-out battle with its elected President which has dragged on in the courts from then to now.

In December of that year, Mrs Wilson and Ms Lorraine Knowles were suspended. The move triggered weeks of contention between Mrs Wilson and BUT officials until the suspension was challenged in court and overturned by a three-member appeals committee in January. The row was over the expenditure of pension funds alleged to have been used without the knowledge or authority of the executives.

The row went on into 2016 when Wilson said that she filed an application with the Supreme Court for an injunction to stop the elections if her name and the names two other suspended officials did not appear on the ballot. Eventually elections were held for other positions and a ruling was held for the Presidency. That came down today.

In the midst of all this, what concerns Bahamas Press is the fact that executives, former and present, have found a clever way to fleece Union Funds. Take matters to court, have a series of legal expenses racked up and then yinner teachers have to pay for the mess. This has become a common practice of these Unions these days and so we at Bahamas Press ga help yinner fix this once and for all!

FIRE DEM! Das our campaign come April 7th! And we expect the educated, the learned in this country to see what has transpired in their Union. Leaders playing a game against you the voters, all in an effort to create distractions while the union funds slide into the hands of the lawyers! FIRE DEM!

Bahamas Press calls for new fresh leadership inside the Teachers Union and we want to send into the abyss all a dem who do not have the interest of educators at heart.

Are yinner ready? Let’s GO!

Elections are APRIL 7th and we ga FIRE BELINDA WILSON and CO. DEM!

We report yinner decide!