Anglican Priest Fr. Thaddeus Pratt died while on a cruise



Fr. Thaddus Pratt died today.

St. John, Antigua Fr. Thaddeus Pratt, former rector of St. Gregory The Great, and parish priest of St. Bartholomew, Berry Islands passed away yesterday, aboard a cruise ship docked in St. John, Antigua.

Members of the Anglican Communion are in mourning. One member of the church told BP, “We cannot tell what shocking news this has been on us today. We are deeply moved by his passing. He was a good Shepard of the Flock. We miss him.”

Fr. Pratt was on this cruise with his wife, her sister, family and friends.

BP prays for the repose of his soul and the faithfully departed. We now extend our sympathies to his family and the wider Anglican Communion.