The Teacher murdered last night at a Texaco Station

The murdered teacher Denise Adderley sitting on the beach with her accused killer taxi driver #55.

Bahamas Press has attained the photo of the murdered school teacher, 39-year old Denise Adderley [seated in this photo]. The young mother was murdered at the Texaco Service Station on Wulff Road shortly after 10PM.


  1. News Release
    Ministry of Education

    Director of Communications
    Ministry of Education
    P. O. Box N-3913
    Phone: 502- 2788
    Fax: 356 -0007


    NASSAU, The Bahamas – (Monday, 10th January, 2011) – The Minister of Education, The Honourable T. Desmond Bannister joins with senior officials and staff of the Ministry of Education in expressing condolences to the immediate and school family of on the untimely passing of Ms. Denise Adderley. Ms. Adderley, a Bahamian national served at the Uriah McPhee Primary School on Kemp Road for the past nine years as a pre-school teacher and was also the mother of a three year-old child.

    On being notified of the death of Ms. Adderley, the Ministry sent a contingent of counsellors to the school to provide counselling for the staff and students. Prior to this the school along with the Ms. Dressler, District Superintendent for Northeastern District organized a special assembly in which they held praise and worship session and collectively told the school of the unfortunate event. The Ministry of Education wishes to thank members of the clergy including Pastor Dale Moss, Reverend Ivan Butler, Bishop Ros Davis, Reverend Irene Russell and Father Franklin Colebrooke who visited the school to provide support, and counsel staff and students.

    The school was dismissed at 1:00 pm to allow the school body to deal with the unexpected loss.

    The Ministry affirms its commitment to teachers and staff through its Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) which was established to provide assistance to persons dealing with challenges. It also appeals to staff avail to themselves of other national programmes that offer support to persons dealing with difficulties.
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  2. It is so sad when one loses a life over ludacris foolishness. Will we ever get to the point where we realize, it’s not worth it. If someone says they no longer want you, suck it up nd move on. They say a picture is worht a thousand words; well this photo says alot ans it speaks volumes to this woman’s pain.If the eyes are the wondows to our souls, then hers led to a dark room (because of unhappines). I am a teacher also and a wife and I pray to God that our weak judicial system does what is right to correct all of the wrongs they’ve done. Too often they’ve allowed criminal to go on bail, simply to commit another erroneous crime. Bring justice to this family and others alike. Let him come to number his days behind bars. Better yet, stop jiking and go back to capital punishment. The Bible tells you,”A life for a life”. It’s only fair.

  3. With the rising percentage of domestic violence against women..we as women need to take charge of our lives!! It is easy for one to recognize a toxic relationship!! We know that we should leave yet we stay for all the wrong reasons, no job, the children (which seems to be the key reason), the house, car and so on… One should stay out of love for each other and if you aren’t staying for love….get out. If he hits you once he’ll do it again and again!!! No matter how much he apologises he will do it again. very few men changes. if you have daughters…what message are you sending? that it’s okay for a man to physically abuse you? Father would you like for a man to beat on your daughters? No!!! So why abuse someone elses? A leopard never changes it’s spots. They get wider with age! If you learn to fall in love with will know not to allow anyone to abuse you be it, physically, mentally or emotionally. Peace

    • My dear i love you because you reeeeaaaalll. In this world women need to have a high self esteem for themselves and stop settling for less and any piece of shit what come there way like snake in the grass and sugar on their tongue; first of all if a man even tries to be verbally abusive, that should tell you something;

  4. I know Mr. John Adderley and this man was a known PSYCHO!!!! He tried to have a relationship with someone I know but thank God she got out of that before time, there were too much signs that this man have loose screws, he was never afraid to threatened people’s lives, we knew he was capable of doing something like this!!!!!!

  5. This man, John Adderley, is a crazy man. I used to rent from him back in 2006. I also remember this lady, Denise, she was just his girlfriend at the time. He was always rude, angry and boisterous to me and all the other tenants. he was a PSYCHO. I remembered he had a party and he ran all the men out of the yard. he loves women and got upset everytime we brought a male around the apartments. His apartments are right through Hillside park road. Red and white. It looks like a barn. You could not be late with his rent or else he bammed on your door insulting you for it. I quickly moved out of his apts and even though I saw him daily working on P.I, I always avoided him. here it is, he took the life of a nice lady. She may be gone but his punishment is comming very soon. I pray that our judicial system does what is right and keep him behind bars!

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