PLP Chairman, Bradley Roberts

Press Statement By
The Progressive Liberal Party
January 10th 2011


In first nine days of 2011 the Bahamas has recorded three murders. There have been 332 murders and a number of unclassified deaths since 2007. 2011 is on track to set another record!

The FNM 2007 Manifesto assured Bahamians that the FNM has a comprehensive plan to reduce crime and better protect Bahamian families. Crime has escalated. Records levels of murder were recorded in 2007, 2008, 2009 and 2010. What did Bahamians hear from their Government? The DPM speaking on behalf of the Minister of National Security Tommy Turnquest said, “The year 2010 has been one of challenge, when violent crime affected the very foundations of our communities. The level of crime and criminality, and the fear of crime, has been unacceptably high”.

The “unacceptable” levels of crime can be laid at the feet of the FNM. It is the responsibility to the Government to provide safe streets and safe communities. The PLP had a plan for crime that was working. Urban Renewal was working. The Bahamian Urban Renewal Plan won several international awards between 2003 and 2006. Several major US cities have successfully implemented Urban Renewal. These cities have seen a reduction in crime.

The FNM stop reviewed and cancelled Swift Justice. Swift Justice was working. For 2 full sessions not one matter dropped off the Court Calendar for a reason within the control of the Attorney General, the Minister of National Security and the Commissioner of Police.

The FNM stopped reviewed and cancelled School Policing. School policing was working. Dangerous weapons are commonplace in our schools. Our schools have become war zones rather than places of learning.

The FNM stopped the plan for digital recording that would have enabled the proceedings of every Court to be digitally recorded in real time. Real time recording would significantly decrease Court delays.

The FNM stopped Urban Renewal and reinstated Urban Renewal in 2009. Crime is running rampant because there is no direct “in the community relationship” with the police.

In 2007 the FNM stopped the plan for Electronic Monitoring. Electronic Monitoring is now just being launched in 2011.

The FNM stopped, reviewed and cancelled the Judicial Complex. The state of the are Judicial Complex which would have housed the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal and the Industrial Tribunal would have been finished by now.

The Annual Police Service and March is held every year. The PLP is shocked that the Minister of National Security was not present at this very important annual occasion. Bahamians have lost confidence in this Government’s ability to address this singularly important issue, crime. Bahamians long ago lost confidence in the Minister of National Security. Rather than putting a portion of $8.5 Million dollars into the pockets of FNM special interests (the people from whom the Government buys police vehicles and other equipment which was included in the 2010-2011 budget), under the guise of solving crime, the first step that the FNM needs to take is to fire the inept, incompetent and vision-less Minister of National Security.

Bahamians want relief from crime and the fear of crime and they want that relief NOW!


  1. I get a kick out of diehards.Their memnories are short and only them can do any good. Forget about what happened prior too 1992. We really need to start thinking for ourselves and not allow some MP to do it for you. We the people need to have the ‘balls’ to say enough is enough., I ready for real change and intend to do my best to achieve it!!

    • Tell Cannon Bad to keep it low, cause dominic his late son and I did many drugs runs before he died in a plane crash off bimini, his daughter who is (was) married to Jaun Pratt the policeman son of Mother pratt was kick out of her government job just before the last election for illegal papers work for haitians in freeport, Sgt Juan Pratt was freed of the charges of double Rape of 2 sisters who was in his care from the Grand Bahama childrens home. Bradley was himself accused of RAPE, what manner of a family is that…i have much more to about his daughter Mrs. S. Roberts Pratt soon and her drunken hubby

  2. My understanding of Urban Renewal was to reclaim the crime ridden areas through a partnership with Police and other Social Agencies. Through this partnership persons would take more pride in their surroundings and its cleanliness,cooperate with Police and be more forthcoming with information on the criminal elements operating in the area/s.As far as it went, it seemed to work.and, in any event, any programme is better than no programme at all. Do not forget that a critical part of the UR programme was Community Policing.This worked until Police lost interest in it. Needless to say, the politicians used this indifference to cancel the programme.We are now seeing the result.Om another note, the bains Town area is one of the oldest in Nassau and was scheduled for selected demolition of old buildings by the PLP as early as the 1980’s but resistsnce made the PLP back off.

  3. truth I wasnt talking about cleaning up an area physically,I said that these areas was control by your party for more than two decades the old and the new plp and there still isn’t any difference in all aspects, not only cleanliness but crime and the mentality of the people. I live there, I see it every day with or without urban renewal.

  4. URBAN RENEWAL, wasn’t meant to clean up an area and then leave. The presence of all the parties, constituting Christie’s idea of Urban Renewal, was to remain in the areas for all times. If you go in and clean up and then leave it would make no sense because all the criminal forces would simply move back in. That is why we in the PLP implemented the way we did; even a small pea brain like you ought to be able to understand that can’t you? Fact of the matter is that crime in the country took a nose dive and when the DICTATOR came to office and change it and remove urban renewal from the areas and police from the schools, then crime again began to escalate. The records are there to prove the truth of what I am saying, don’t take my word for it. But I know guys like you who can’t read and if you could, you could never understand what you read and that seems to be you guys problem.

  5. The more things change the more they remain the same PLP=FNM=PLP=FNM just different faces same ideology…now the Yoga gang labor movement same shit of HATE, HATE, HATE and RACE gimme me a break man its 2011 wake up and get real

  6. @Truth
    Since you want to bring history into this, which you really shouldn’t have, let me ask you. Do you remember the decades of the 70s and 80s, do the names Robert Vesco and Carlos Joe Lehder ring any bells? Who was running the country then? Do you remember the destruction, do you remember the findings of the first Commission of Inquiry? Do you remember the “TRUTH”, do you remember any “CONSEQUENCES” if there were any? So lets dont bring history into this and if you do, reference all please, be fair.

  7. I am sick of all FNM’s and PLP’s and their politics we need real change. I am tired of these incompetent MP’s, and poor leadership. I dont believe that the plp will do a better job than the fnm is doing right now which is the lesser of two evils. Start hanging and stop giving bail to these murderers. My 5cents.

  8. @truth, whats up dude. no tolerance for other person views because it does not agree with yours? Tone it down a lil bit Bruh. All ya’ll PLP’s and FNM’s have all the answers but won’t step up to help with the solutions. All ya’ll scared a change. Want things to stay the same so you can get your Families, Friends and Lovers straight and the rest of us suffer. Then you get up on you Blog soap box and and list this and that. The same list can be made for your 1 term Government; Anna Nicole, Korean Boat, Junkanoo Bleachers etc. Begone, fall on your knees and pray to God for your Salvation and the Restoration of our Country!

  9. truth or consequences dont talk about urban renewal please,if you look at the areas where that program was started you would notice they are plp seats and was so for the last two decades or more. Look around have you seen any difference in Farm road,Bain town Engleston or St Ceciela etc over the many years?I sure dont see any but you can point them out just incase I miss any,so please dont talk about urban renewal.

  10. HEMIBAHAMA & SAD DAY FOR THE BAHAMAS, both of you, who ever you are, are the worse accomplished jackasses I have ever read from on this or any other blog site. Have you been monitoring politics in this country say for the last nineteen years? In a nutshell successive FNM Administrations have been bad for this country. In terms of crime; in terms of the national debt; in terms of social programs; in terms of the educational system; in terms of the country’s willy nilly borrowings; in terms of having a damn dictator, a papa Doc at the helm. Have you asses forgotten that in 2002, after Ingraham had spent foolishly all the money he borrowed, how he was kicked out of office because he had the country going fast downhill? or have you forgotten that? Have you forgotten, as well, how Christie’s urban renewal had essentially arrested the crime wave that we had inherited from the FNM in 2002? or have you forgotten? Have you forgotten that the FNM was in the process of borrowing $125 million when they were kicked out of office and the PLP had to finish borrowing it so we could pay off the local merchants before they took the government to court? or have you forgotten that? Have you forgotten when the defense force could not get fuel because the FNM government owed fuel dealers so much money that they could not get credit? or have you forgotten that? Don’t you remember all the scandals with Tommy Turnquest and Dion foulkes and all the others? have you forgotten that? Can you sit there on your asses and say that this country is being managed well? Oh !! have you forgotten the FNM’s role in the violence in the general elections of 1972 even to the ordering of the murder of the person at Perpall track? Crime has always increased by leaps and bounds under FNM Administrations, search the records, asses. None of you make sense; we see you to be blind FNM Operatives, that’s all. Ther is no real substance in the arguments you make because because they are dreams only. Get a life, asses. OH!! forgot ask Ingraham and Aaron Kiki Knowles what is the meaning of CI 1622 & CI 0842. The damn traitors.

  11. Sad day should be careful when he calls the PLP a criminal organisation.Perhaps he does not know the history of his FNM but, if he repeats this slur he will be reminded. For a start; why was Cecil wallace-Whitfield fired as PLP Education Minister? and so on and so on!!!

  12. BP why must you continue to say there has been X amount of murders since 2009. What is the relevance of that date. The annual rate makes more sense for clarity. Afterall there have been 612 murders since 1956.

  13. I say lock up all parliamentarians. Again I ask where is the education reform and the policies by the present and past governments to make parents accountable for these unsocialized children who come from unsocialized parents, MAYBE ITS THE SEAT BELT LAW!!! When is the no bail act gonna pass?? and how many lawyers are in governent?? who makes money from criminals? We have 700 hundred islands and cays, instead of selling them to foreigners,we should make one of our cays into an ALCATRAZZ. What about farming?? BAHAMIANS WE NEED A NATIONAL PLAN, ONE THAT INCLUDES ALL PEOPLE SEEING THEIR WAY TO PROGRESS, AND THOSE WHO SEEK TO DESTROY THIS, WILL BE AND MUST BE PUNISHED SWIFTLY INCLUDING OUR POLITICIANS. JUSTICE FOR ALL!! ONE BAHAMAS!!

  14. Mr. Roberts, no one takes his serious.

    The PLP as I heard is a criminal organization. You can name the people called before the courts in the PLP organization.

    So there you have the record of the PLP on crime.


    • @Hemibahama, arrest and lock-up ASAP all you’ll FNM’s that put this great country in the state that it is from 2007-today, Amen

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