Approximatly 4,010 persons attended the Union Rally last night


Approximately 4,010 persons were at the Union Rally on the R.M. Bailey Park last evening. Also passing in the street to get the shock of his life was Hubert Alexander Ingraham. Ingraham could not believe the numbers gathered to hear the words, “SHAME ON THE FNM GOVERNMENT!”


  1. Let’s get real here; Why argue over what the numbers were on the park; did we ever stop to realize that thousands listened attentively to the rally over the air? Right now the Bahamians are only gathering knowledge and facts. At the end of the day, the real number will be visible.

    • Sorry but the majority of Bahamians want cheaper prices and modern technology so they dont care what happens to BTC as long as they get something NEW!

  2. Sorry PLP Operative, cough I Mean BP, your photo makes it look like there were around 50-80 people. What a sad night for the PLP that must have been. Too bad the PLP and the FNM are no longer looked upon as serious Political Parties, because they are both just a bunch of clowns .

  3. Jennie, did say in her speech on Monday nigh.t Watch how the Tribune is going to lie about this event.
    She must be a prophet, or it seems everyone is up to their tricks now.

  4. “Yes Mike we did the same when we read the Tribune article.” That is a direct quote from your reply to me.

    A few minutes later: “Ya see DECENT people like us don’t waist our time eating out the garbage and it is FACT we don’t read the Tribune.” That’s a direct quote from you to another reader! So, you just got caught in another lie.

    I’m also very glad you don’t “waist” your time…you are a funny guy! Keep writing!

    Best Regards,


  5. SAD DAY FOR THE BAHAMAS; You are just grappling for straws. It was a massive crowd and I believe that Branville McCartney admitted as much on the Algernon Allen show on Tuesday morning. He said that it was a huge, massive amount of cars. Many he said were sitting in their cars. They constitute persons in attendance, as well, you know. In any event you are just disappointed that your government and your stink ass PAPA, or whatever the hell you call that Mugabe Dictator Uncle Tom these days, have lost this war. He had better cancel that sale or BTC supported by all the other trade unions in the country will cancel it for him.

  6. Nickie

    You are right on. “…Too many people waste being angry simply because we disagree with someone…”

    I am guilty of disagreeing with UNIONS. I really developed a mental hate for unions in this country (WHERE were NICHOLE’s support).
    I also never attended a political rally on a field, except when Mr. Hubert Ingraham announced his return in 2006 (I stayed in my car parked in the Mall’s parking lot), I had to see that.

    However, on Monday night I went on RM Bailey grounds because I felt obligated to do so. That was such a well put together event, and all the speakers were so passionate, Troy Garvey and Rodney Moncure were to of the early speakers.

    PLEASE NOTE: It was interesting that the newspapers talk about the crowed, but failed to print the true scope of the attendance, as the saying goes: “A picture is worth a thousand words”
    They know why they did not publish them. I cry shame on the two major newspapers.

  7. BP… is there any reponse to ALL of this ??? Inquirng minds wonder. I know you always have a quick response.. Let’s hear it !

  8. PLPs are made cause they were caught steeling BTC in da cabinet meeting. ENTERS Hubert Ingraham and foiled the crime against the Bahamian People.

    PLPs just got caught.

    Thank you Mr. Ingraham.



  9. These union only want your support when its convinent for them and their personal gain.My brother was rob and kill in his business establishment tryiny to make an honest living,my family along with Mr Rodney Moncur organized march upon march(hang all murderers no bail for murderers)we ask every bahamian organization including the union to come out and join us you think they showed up?Now its their turn to gather support but people aint showing it in the numbers they need.Take that 500 people and see if that will move the government. ha ha!!

  10. I am not here to participate in the numbers game. In my opinion the amnount of persons who attended is not the key issue, what is important is Bahamians standing together in solidarity for a cause which they believe. I always say, while I may not agree with you politics, I support you right to have an opinion and to express it. Too many people waste being angry simply because we disagree with someone. The Unions are doing what they should, which is advocating for the rights and views of its members. As a non union persons you may not agree, but the constitution gives them the right to do so and gives you the right to challenge that position. I pray that more persons begin to speak out becaue this can only strengthen our democracy.

  11. BP I told you people does use the brain God gave them. These people were out there! No way OMG his is killing your credibility BP WOW it was roughly 500 people if more I would say 700. Oh my how low would you go BP

    • As low as you would go to come on BP everyday. DAS HOW LOW WE WILL GO!

      GET OFF BP and go read that DUTTY TOILET PAPER!

      Ya see DECENT people like us don’t waist our time eating out the garbage and it is FACT we don’t read the Tribune. In fact this writer cannot tell you what is in it this morning. But I know you would soon tell us.

      STAY over there, don’t bring ya LOW DOWN NASTY ways and info over here. We gat our news. DA REAL NEWS… Now Bringing NEWS is coming out of Eleuthera!


  12. BP,

    Son, you did it again! At first I thought your headline was a typo (and I always ignore your spelling errors) but then I realized you are either wonderfully sarcastic or seriously stupid!

    Hilarious: “approximately 4010 ..”! Either way, please keep writing.

    Thanks for yet another laugh.

    Best Regards,


    • Yes Mike we did the same when we read the Tribune article. We said what a JOKE! They could not even produce a crowd shot where they gat it so bad. GO READ THE TRIBUNE AND STAY OFF BP.


    • Obvious this Joker,”sad sack” is an operative for the Tribune and the Foreign National Movement,because I was there and I spoke with BJ Nottage,Frank Smith and some others.Certainly their was much more than 500 in attendance.

  13. Lies and More dam lies…

    NO more than 500 people reportedly attended the union rally held last night at the RM Bailey Park.

    Assistant Superintendent Derek Burrows, of the Southern Police division, said the police count by estimating the crownd in groups of ten. Based on that methodology, the police believe not more than 500 attended.

    John Pinder, first vice president of the National Congress of Trade Unions (NCTU), said the union’s budget for the event was about $7,000 compared to the $80-$100,000 spent by political parties.

    Although he said the crowd was smaller than the average political rally, he disputed the estimates from the police and said the rally pulled “thousands” of supporters to the park.

    He said it was the first national rally on the park and he expected numbers to grow three-fold as the opposition continues.
    Despite urgings from some PLP members of parliament to support the rally, and claims that all MPs were asked to attend by party leaders, Tribune sources only spotted two PLP operatives, including Picewell Forbes, South Andros MP, and Neville Wisdom, former MP for Killarney. FNM MP for Bamboo Town, Branville McCartney, was also spotted.

    Leaders from a cross-section of national unions spoke at the rally urging the public to oppose the government’s planned sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless.

    It was reported that 60 persons registered to vote in what was promised to be a “massive” voter registration drive organised by the union.

    The NCTU had arranged a lunchtime march from NCTU headquarters to the Parliamentary Registration Department.

    • Trust me it was not 4,000 but I was out there it was at least two thousand . The tribune estimate was wrong and Cable Bahamas estimate of three hundred the picture that they showed exposed their estimate as incorrect

    • Fact is Derek Burrows needs to learn how to count murders happening in the Bahamas. We all know the police has a problem with mathematical skills. But SAD why you don’t gET OFF BP and go forgive the PRIEST? KEEP READING THE TRIBUNE? WHY?


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