There is fly being sold in the meat in the Bahamas at a major store and the health department doesn’t give a damn!


Fly in da meat sold at a friendly store near you! Where are the health inspectors who suppose to protect us from this kinda foolishness?

Fly packaged neatly in the meat at a popular foodstore in the capital.

Nassau – Health Inspectors must begin to be deployed around the to examine meat sold and coming into the country.

Bahamas Press this blessed Sunday morning took the time to examine a few stores right here in the capital and we believe heath inspectors should begin doing their jobs to inspect what is being served and sold to the public.

At one major store we found wrapped tightly the butcher selling FLY MEAT packaged along inside ‘dey’ high-priced items. No wonder people catching hell with they health these days.

At another store we examined the butcher was busy spraying over the meat a can of pesticide! Well blow me down – What in da hell this is dis?

Bahamas Press wants a tighter regime in place to inspect meats and its handling in the country! Where are the health inspectors?

Bahamians must demand a new meat inspectorate regime and the health department must be concerned about what is being served to residents!

We report yinner decide!