Three Murders in less than 48 hours…Murder #216 since 2009 recorded


BP is reporting a shooting at the Kenuth’s Foodstore near the resident of Mother Pratt. The condition of the victim is unknown and the shooter has fled the scene. Meanwhile BP is reporting murder #216 since 2009.

In the last 48 hours a man was stabbed to death early his morning and yesterday a woman body was discovered.

Friday a family member killed another 30 year-old male…THREE MURDERS in less than 48 hours…


  1. Unfortunately when you have a toothless criminal justice system that dare not ‘cat-o-nine tail’ and certainly not hang criminals, then the end result is rampant anarchy and murder. In order for peace to be maintained the gov. has to be willing to get its hands dirty and fill up the gallows. Baring this, I would buy share in the funeral homes because they are going to be making a killing.

  2. Let me set the record per my thoughts straight. My comments have nothing to do with the credibility of the minister himself as an individual. TT comes from a good family stock and all I am trying to suggest is that this cabinet position of minister of security is not the ministry he should remain in. Just because you call for the change of a minister does necessarily have mean that you are calling for the downfall of the FNM government. To those FNM’s who refuse to make such a necessary demand, I will leave it to your God and the historians to judge you? I don’t care if you live on the eastern road or in one of the areas mentioned by this report you live in constant fear of these thugs. It is easy to excuse away statistics that point to some particular profile that is until these thugs murder one of your own? This minister should today submit, not offer, his resignation to the prime minister! Bahamas Press sees exactly what is going on with this minister’s incapability to do his job, something most PLP and FNM Bahamians see also, but for political reasons many select to say nothing. Is your loyalty greater to your party or the security of your loved ones?

  3. Crime is a serious problem, there is a town hall meeting on crime at Uriah Mcphee this Thursday at 7:30. Come out and lets find a solution to crime together!

  4. PLEASE dont be ASSHOLES! YOu cannot BLAME a MP/Cabinet minister for crime. YOU BAHAMIAN PEOPLE Are the BLAME. TURN TO GOD and SEEK PEACE within yourself.

  5. The thing with crime in the Bahamas is there is no fear. Whoever Minister in charge must have the will to bring back the fear that has been lost. I realize that these murders may be drug related, romance related or just turf wars, but the duty of Law enforcement is that respect must be evident in a society and right now none exist with the Police and the citizens. Our judicial system must get serious, which is a start, or else the killings will continue.
    Who will rescue us fromn this?? The present political dinosaurs seem to be tired and worn out. New blood and new ideas is needed. Bahamians don’t be scared!!

  6. Serious Thing; you are an ass; no one said that Tommy committed the murders, we were reminded that Tommy said during the last general elections that the FNM had the answers to solving crime. Well we are finding it very curious that he has nothing to say now. We can’t even find jerry roker in town; where is he? Bahamians are fed up and if you watched the thing they put on for a rally on Saturday night, you would see that people don’t even want to hear nothing more from the Lying SUCKERS.

  7. BP, so how many of these people did Tommy killed now ? meanwhile when you are trying to get your lies out, can you also tell us how many he was also charged for as well.

  8. The input of all individuals and groups are going to be needed if we will have a shot at heading off the advancing thugs. The roads to hell are paved with good intentions, so yes I would even accept the input from rich with their sugarcoated ideas, including the devil himself and all those who know their way to hell and back. Our economic success to date has largely resulted from the tranquility and peace we promote to attract our tourists. Is it too much to retake back our streets and communities from the thugs who if left alone will destroy all that makes us Bahamians? We must waste not a day more and speak in one Bahamian voice, and I am also talking to FNM politicians and their supporters, to demand the immediate resignation of the minister of security. This is much to dangerous to think along party lines. When this lot of elected politicians are long gone, if we do not speak out now, our children and grandchildren will pay a serious price. They may pay for our neglect with their own lives. It is time for the minister to go.

  9. If I remember correctly prior, to the last general election, Mr. Turnquest telling the Bahamian people that they had a solution to crime. While I am not blaming him for the actual crimes I do however, blame him for his silence. His mouth was loud and clear once again from the podium at yet another rally. As I did not hear the whole speech I am a bit curious as to whether or not he made any similar statement. Because of promises made on the last campaign trail a staunch FNM supporter said immediately after their win in 2007 that she, was going home to remove her burglar bars, I hope she reconsidered and added an alarm system also

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