Tommy Turnquest is in Trouble in Mount Moriah! A picture tells a thousand words

Tommy Turnquest and his one assistant seen here early this morning lifting barricades for his small Christmas Party event.

Nassau, Bahamas — A member in the FNM Mount Moriah Constituency Association telephoned BP this morning and asked us to come and take a look at their MP who is now up for re-election.

Just before 9:00 a.m. team BP arrived at the headquarters of Tommy Turnquest and what we saw we could not believe. The man in charge of all the armed forces in the country and who won the seat in 2007 was busy all by himself lifting barricades and toting heavy boxes as he began to set up his Christmas Party for residents.

Tommy T hauling barricades across his constituency headquarters all by himself while FNM Constituency Association Members called BP to show how bad support for Turnquest is on the ground in the constituency.

Bahamas Press could not believe what we saw and therefore he had to take photographs for memory. Here shown above early this morning is Cabinet Minister #3, the successor to the throne of the FNM, doing it all alone as former generals and aides all have abandoned the defeated lame duck MP.

One resident in the area told BP, “Looka him there…like the song says, ‘all by himself’. When BTC was being sold Tommy was the minister selling away the future of the Bahamian children. I ga tell ya now Tommy could bring Santa Claus, Snow White, The 20 dwarfs and a Dumb Dora out today, me and my children ain’t ga step a foot.”

Meanwhile, in Stapledon Park PLP candidate Arnold Forbes and team “Number ONE” are setting up for a big, big fanfare as Forbes Christmas Party kicked off at 12 noon. The park ground in the heart of the Mount Moriah community is like the Carnival has relocated. This year Forbes held the biggest Back to School event not seen since the days of Pindling. The event was the size of the Red Cross Fair where children and parents in three constituencies were all lined up for surprises from the PLP candidate.

Boy, as the saying goes, “It ain’t long nah! BP I-REPORT LIVE ON THE GROUND!


Scratching his head and feeling lost the Minister of National Security could not get one loyal resident of Mount Moriah out of their bed this morning to assist him in setting up for his Christmas Party. Where were Tommy sons? Vell MUDDO!


  1. Minister Tommy Turnquest party for the children in his Constituency started at 2:00 p.m. It was a huge success with over 500 children. Your picture gave a false informtion, where was your reporter at 2:00 p.m.

  2. I would be, if it was obvious it was Tommy T. Come on, man, yall cudda take a better shot than this. No proof it’s Tommy whatsoever. Yall too like lie; smt. Movin on to Bahamas Issues.Com which is a way more interesting site. Later.

    • Ok, lets take it this way then, Lets say it was not TOMMY, you tell me the Minister – DA MINISTER – could only find two helpers to setup for a function like Christmas Party, while Arnold Forbes gat a big fair going on?

      GET REAL!


  3. Bahamas get wise up to trick on building and fixing road coming next to election time. This is expected of any/all Government. Bahamians today ain’t going to no FNM party to eat stale hot dogs/hamburgers, we are wiser and feeling some serious pinch. Let him pull his hair and wait, nobody coming to they party and nobody coming to vote for them. Gone, Gone, Going GONE!
    Bahamas, do not drink their RED kool-aid, be wise and smart chase them crazy bauld heads outa-town.

  4. Amazing how one cannot see the face in the picture, isn’t it? BP, yall gatta cease this crap reporting, seriously.

    • Passed there this afternoon on my way home and there was a single tent with what looked like a group of about 30 or 40 people.
      Omen for the election, Tommy..?

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