Triple Shooting in Peardale records the 109th homicide tonight!


Woman gunned down in cold blood along with two other victims in Peardale tonight!

#109th homicide victim Shenique.

Nassau, Bahamas – BP has now identified the female victim shot dead in Peardale [Just off Wulff Road] tonight.

We have identified the victim by her first name Shenique.

Police confirm that shortly after 8:30pm two men and a woman were standing in front of an unoccupied building at Peardale off Wulff Road, when the occupants of a white vehicle pulled up armed with a shotgun and shot them.

The two men who were also shot are now listed in serious condition in hospital. What is this? Ya can’t walk with ya gal dese days?

Meanwhile, BP is getting reports of a second shooting this time in the Sandilands Village Road Community. We can confirm in that incident a male victim has been shot and has been transported to hospital. This victim is now listed as SERIOUS – but from the looks of things if he survives it would be a miracle… WHAT WE GA DO!
We report yinner decide!