Two suspects wanted for Armed Robbery on Abaco are now in custody also for drugs possession


ABACO, Bahamas – Consistent with the Commissioner’s Policing Plan for 2016, on Tuesday 23rd February, officers of Operation Cleanup, while in Central Pine, Abaco, arrested a 25 year old male who was found in possession of dangerous drugs namely marijuana.

Officers then executed a search warrant on the suspects residence and discovered a quantity of marijuana and (1) imitation firearm.

Also arrested was the 19 year brother of the suspect, both are wanted for Armed Robbery.


  1. FAILED EDUCATION system. Keep the poor in school until 17 and 18 without exposure to technical, trade or vocational training and they will use their hands to make imitation weapons and engage in armed robbery if this is the background of the accused and if they were caught red-handed with the items mentioned. Overhaul the educational system immediately. Re-open the Dundas Civic Centre for vocational training. It is too close to the Shirley Street Theatre to be used in the fashion currently employed — a white elephant, mostly closed every day until someone has a concert or a play. Young people need training, introduction to handling money while young and experiencing the satisfaction coming from realizing they can achieve as tradesmen. Entrepreneurs.

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