Two women found murdered today… One in Eleuthera and the other on Dowdswell Street…

file photo

NASSAU| Female found dead (Homicide #51) naked with only bra on in Lower Bogue Eleuthera Beach – and another female carjacked at Charles Saunders Highway near Superwash…

BP is reporting a female was just robbed of her vehicle on Charles Saunders Highway by Superwash. The woman was held up at gunpoint and ordered out of the vehicle by two males with weapons.

Meanwhile, Police are on the the scene of a homicide on Dowdswell Street. This is the 52nd homicide incident for the year and the second female to be found dead for the day.

Earlier today police discovered the naked body of a female on the beach in Lower Bogue Eleuthera today. She was found with only her bra on with obvious injuries on the body. She became the country’s 51st homicide for the year.

We report yinner decide!