Two managers at Supervalue Quality Store tested positive for coronavirus…

Minnis CHAOS – I hope yall remember this!

NASSAU| Two senior managers at the Supervalue Quality Markets store in eastern New Providence have tested positive for Covid 19.

BP learned of the situations just yesterday as the staff at the store informed BP.

We understand both Assistant Managers have been self isolating for the past three weeks just like Peter Turnquest and still have not been able to be cleared by Health Officials.

And while all this is happening the store, which is owned by Mr. Rupert Roberts, never closed and we still have yet to know if it has been sanitized. 

We also question whether anyone else in the store had been tested as a result of the spreaders.

And here’s the kicker: While Bahamians have been locked down and locked up with curfews and emergency orders for more than six months now, the stores, which are spreading COVID like the wildfires of California, were never closed nor have there been any mass testing within the staff.

Meanwhile, Rupert Roberts claimed cashiers who were supposed to be in quarantine were up and down in Supervalue shopping feeling-up the apples and massaging the oranges and coughing over the vegetables like the Asian super-spreaders. WHAT IS THIS?

We also know if a Supervalue deli staffer has died two weeks ago.

All we say is WHAT IS THIS?

We report yinner decide!