Under pressure – having lost support of his Cabinet to sack Peter Turnquest


PM Minnis told reporters today Cabinet is still deliberating the matter and he will get back to them!?

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and Finance Minister Peter Trunquest

NASSAU| The man who has clearly lost control of his Cabinet and was seen over the weekend kicking sand as he ran up and down the beach like a crazy man has broken his silence over the alleged Fraud Scandal involving Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest.

Over the weekend the Cabinet began discussion on the matter, which is not for Cabinet to discuss but for a sane PM to decide! What is this?

We reported to you yesterday that some strong Cabinet personalities flatly told Hubert Minnis “If Turnquest has to resign so will we!”

The move stalled the PM’s decision on his Finance Minister who he, before leaving for San Salvador, had asked for his resignation.

Clearly defeated and at a loss for words on the matter, the PM was forced to make a statement following Sunday’s meeting with MInisters. 

“It’s a court matter right now and (the) Cabinet is deliberating,” Dr Minnis told reporters Monday morning following a grant ceremony by the Small Business Development Centre. “We’ll get back to you as soon as Cabinet completes our deliberation and discussion.”

PM Minnis, BP reports, has lost control of his room and we believe is now in a hostage situation. If he fires Peter Turnquest he could lose more than half of his Ministers which could collect into a group to oust the PM or, better yet, force an early General Election!

Minnis put the brakes on firing Turnquest and has come with his usual “WE WILL GET BACK TO YOU”…line just as he said with the investigation into the board of BPL and with the investigation into the CORRUPT Oban DEAL!
Minnis is in trouble and we know he is wishing this Scandal, which has engulfed the money man, will quickly blow over.

Opposition Leader Philip Brave Davis Q.C has demanded that Minnis must break his silence on the matter and Queen’s Counsel Damian Gomez has called on the agencies to investigate the incidents, creating an even larger problem for the country’s international reputation.

Turnquest has taken a beating publicly since a writ was filed last week by the law firm of Michael Scott, who Minnis appointed as Chairman of Lucayan Renewal Holdings and Bahamas Hotel Corporation.

According to the writ, “Between 2008 and 2017, the first, second and third defendants along with Turnquest, wrongfully and with intent to injure each Plaintiff and/or to cause loss to them by unlawful means and/or to enrich themselves, unlawfully conspired and combined together to defraud each Plaintiff and to conceal such fraud and the proceeds of such fraud from the Plaintiffs and thereby unjustly to enrich themselves.”

The lawsuit further alleges that, “As at 31 December, 2017, the conspirators had dishonestly caused Alpha to pay away a total of $20,680,337.33 to Sky Bahamas as, in each case, some kind of bogus loan.”

We report yinner decide!

Eyewitness News needs to get Mrs Yvette Bailey and her Attorney on Clint Watson SHOW to tell us what he knew about Peter Turnquest the sitting Minister for FINANCE! Here is her lawyer!