Hubert Minnis has now LOST CONTROL OF HIS GOVERNMENT as Cabinet locks to support the DPM in scandal come what may!

PM Hubert Minnis and Finance Minister Peter Turnquest

NASSAU| Cabinet Meeting DONE! If I am fired the house will come down! Cabinet closes ranks to support PETER TURNQUEST come what may!

Turnquest was alleged to have engaged with alleged Tax Fraud where he reinvoiced according to the Washington based court filing back in 2019.

Additionally the finance Minister has been caught up in accusations of a conspiracy to defraud a foreign investor of 20 million dollars, which have been in the public domain since 19 November 2020.

Neither the Prime Minister nor the Free National Movement Chairman has had a word to say in the Deputy Prime Minister’s defence.

All we at BP say is this: PM Minnis has lost control of his GOVERNMENT!

We report yinner decide!