Dr. Timothy McCartney described as having the personification of Bahamian exceptionalism internationally


Opposition Leader Davis on the passing of Dr. Timothy McCartney

Dr. Timothy McCartney

The Bahamas has lost a giant and pioneer in the field of psychology and behavioral science in the person of Dr. Timothy McCartney. I join many Bahamians in expressing my sadness at his passing earlier today.

A trailblazer in his field locally and the personification of Bahamian exceptionalism internationally, Dr. McCartney was the first Bahamian to earn a doctorate degree in psychology. His broad and seminal research and development work include the book ‘Neurosis Under the Sun’, his extensive analyses on Bahamian sexuality and work on the impact of the use of marijuana.

He is perhaps most noted for his pioneering work in the fields of mental health and alcoholism – openly tackling the stigmas and shame attached to these diseases and addictions by bringing these sensitive social and health issues into the Bahamian mainstream for open, frank and honest public discussion and action through treatment.

Dr. McCartney would enter academia in the United States where he continued his work as a professor at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

Though he made his living abroad, Dr. McCartney never lost contact with The Bahamas, the country of his birth and the country he loved dearly.

Dr. McCartney was bold, confident and was never one to shy away from controversy. He remained true to his craft to the end.

He was a Bahamian ambassador par excellence and will be sorely missed.

We thank him for his enormous contributions in the field of mental health and behavioral science, his national service and the influence his body of work continues to have on generations of Bahamians.

On behalf of my wife Ann, the Deputy Leader of the PLP, I. Chester Cooper; the party’s National Chairman, Senator Fred Mitchell; Stalwart Councillors and officers of the PLP, I extend my heartfelt condolences to his wife, Pauline and their children, Yvette and Link.

May he rest in peace.