The Man in charge of YOUR money accused of creating false invoices and tax fraud in U.S. Court Case


Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest allegedly participated in TAX FRAUD, Washington Court Whistleblower states…

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis and Finance Minister Peter Turnquest

NASSAU| As the Prime Minister kicks rocks and sand in San Salvador on Saturday, BP is combing through documents which open a Pandora’s box of allegations engulfing the Minister of Finance Kevin Peter Turnquest.

The case was heard going back to 2016 in Seattle, Washington under the markings Bailey v. Alpha Technologies Incorporated . Mrs Yvette Bailey was employed by the US registered company, which also had offices in the Bahamas that Turnquest operated.

In that case, which involved a wrongful dismissal matter, claims of TAX FRAUD are presented as having unfolded in the Bahamian office, which at the time was run by Mr. Turnquest, Bailey shared.

As you read the opening pages of this case heard by Presiding Judge John C Coughenour, one must wonder how much more we the public do not know about the practices of Peter Turnquest – like those shared in this case?

Is this a similar case of false invoicing involving the Minister of Finance K. Peter Turnquest?

We also need to be asking ourselves this question:  why did we pay above market rates for the 600m loan arrangement recently entered into by Peter Turnquest’s Finance Ministry?

And, more importantly, who was the broker for the loan?

Read the court records below or click on the PDF attachment supplied and please tell us what you think?

We report yinner decide!