Valley Boys failed to appear at the Junkanoo Summer Festival…


The Valley Boys early New Years morning.

Nassau – The Valley Boys boycotted the JCNP Junkanoo Summer Festival at Arawak Cay on Saturday.

No reason has been given as to why the group, now celebrating their 60th Anniversary, boycotted the event.

The JCNP is attempting to make a commercial product of the culture. We believe the Valley Boys want to sabotage that effort.

Meanwhile taking about sabotage, members of the Roots Junkanoo Group could now breathe a sigh of relief after they learned that it was not their shack which went up in flames in the Industrial Park.

A late night fire on Wednesday evening saw two companies; Bumper Tek and Bahamas Foam go up in flames leaving scores unemployed. One Roots Junkanooer told BP, “A member of the opposing junkanoo group was spotted in the area the night of the fire. In these times anything is possible!”

BP believes an arsonist in the area is indeed burning down to the ground businesses in the Park as some five major fires have been reported in this one location in recent times.

We report yinner decide!