Vaughn Miller FNM MP for Golden Isles was not invited to his branch souse out?


Hubert Minnis undermines FNM MP Vaughn Miller in Golden Isles…

PM Minnis supports the Golden Isles rejection of FNM MP Vaughn Miller.

BP BREAKING| FNM Party Leader Most Honourable Ever Hubert Minnis attended the Golden Isles Souse Out in Coral Harbour Park.

The FNM MP for the area, Vaughn Miller, was not invited and failed to show. In fact, the Association refuses to work with the MP, with an interaction just short of telling the Member of Parliament to get lost!

PM Most Honourable Ever went to new lows in politics when he showed up at the souse out without inviting or speaking with the sitting FNM MP.

Minnis shook hands with the organizers, giving his blessings to the ouster of the Golden Isles FNM Member.

Miller, you would remember, was sacked last year after he protested against the 12% VAT hike on Bahamians. Minnis, at the time, said he was following convention in the axing of three MPs. However, even after two Cabinet Ministers, namely Marvin Dames and Duane Sands, were judicially condemned by a judge, PM Most Honourable Ever refuses to act on the crimes by the Ministers.

We report yinner decide!