FNMs on Grand Bahama a NOSHOW at service in honour of the late Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield….

Da WUTLESS Minnis-Led Government.

FREEPORT| March 20th was Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield Birthday. His bravery ensured that democracy continued unabated in the Bahamas. And so we are honoured to say Happy Birthday to a late soldier of the Bahamas.

But on Grand Bahama where a special church service was held in his honour the attendence grossly disappointing.

The FNM held the service at Christ Thr King where based on past services some 15 rows of seats were reserved.

But this year was a shocker! Grand Bahamians were a noshow! FNMs were a NOSHOW! And only three rows were barely filled. Only one Cabinet Minister and two Senators attended.

Look what has happened to the FNM on Grand Bahama where just two years ago it collected every seat in the northern Bahamas. LOOK HOW THE MIGHTY HAS FALLEN!

We report yinner decide!