Was Charles Maynard death an incident of natural causes? Or was it a plot by angry FNMs who wanted him gone as Chairman?


Maynard was upset over warring factions in the FNM working against the NEW leadership TEAM!

Some FNMs didn't want Charlie and the new team around. Dr. Minnis and Charles Maynard working together.

Nassau, Bahamas — Serious suspicions surrounding the death of Charles Maynard, who collapsed on the side of a roadway in North Abaco has surfaced.

Skeptics of his untimely demise forced the closely-knit Maynard clan to fly to North Abaco to collect his body.

We can tell you Charles’ father former powerful PLP Chairman Andrew ‘Dud’ Maynard, along with the most senior legal advisor of the Government, Attorney General Allyson Maynard-Gibson along with other relatives chartered a flight into Abaco early Tuesday morning to receive the body of the former FNM Chairman.

Upon arrival back to Nassau an autopsy was immediately performed, which discovered that Charles died of an enlarged heart. The postmortem examination of the body also revealed a blockage in a major artery of the former MP; thus concluding he died of a massive heart attack.

Details of the toxicology report to discover what was in his fluids are still pending.

We can confirm the autopsy news was shared with members of the family by FNM Party Leader Dr. Hubert Minnis and Deputy Chairman Dr. Duane Sands.

BP can confirm Charles’ mother, Issie Maynard, wanted an immediate autopsy done on her son as is it speculated that the newly appointed Chairman of the Party had iron-clad enemies within the FNM; and there is even clearer evidence of this.

Almost immediately after Maynard was appointed to the post back in June, some believed to be supporters of other factions against the new leadership began to usurp Charles’ authority and was making communications outside the directives of the leader and chairman.

Dion Foulkes had issued statements with conflicting views to the leadership of the Party - delivering chaos within the FNM. Maynard had a serious fight on his hands. Foulkes relative drove in the the vehicle with Charles on the lonely North Abaco highway after midnight.

Mr. Maynard was equally upset on Monday past, following the publication of a Nassau Guardian headline which displayed one member of the opposition attacking the leader Dr. Hubert Minnis on the front page of the morning daily.

Another incident, which suggest Charles may have been hunted down by colleagues, was when he exited a flight on Sunday heading to North Abaco. The Chairman was rudely passed by a senior member of the opposition, who refused to greet him in the terminal. Sources say the war was hot against the new Party Chairman.

Hubert Ingraham on the other hand only issued a statement following the death of Mr. Maynard, as he refused to joined Parliamentarians to pay tribute to the fallen former MP.

Ingraham failed to cancel his trip and join Members of the Parliament, who paid homage to the former Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture yesterday.

One FNM Council member added, “What kind of ingratitude is this being displayed by the former Prime Minister. We are all devastated to hear this sad and shocking news. Charles died in North Abaco. He was fighting for us in North Abaco. Mr. Ingraham is the sitting member for North Abaco, and yet he refused to show up and pay his respect to a member of his team in that honourble place. Charles was a member who served in his Cabinet. This is all a sad, and is a disappointing reflection on Mr. Ingraham who is still on the public payroll but refuse to attend the House. The Parliament will have no record of him paying tribute to one of us.”

We at BP want see the toxicology report now that the autopsy is done. Charles Maynard’s last words to his wife ZELENA was…“Drink Water..Drink Plenty water…” Was this a hint?

He said this as he asked the driver to pull over so he could relieve himself. Maynard then collapsed and died.

The year 2012 is quickly shaping up to be the unluckiest year for the FNM, which celebrated its 20th Anniversary since coming to power in June.

Funeral services for the fallen Chairman is soon to be announced.


  1. Has anybody ever watched a show in the United states or somewhere else in the world where someone survived from a heart attack. I’m sure you have! Them describing their light through the tunnell experience. Tell me why I’ve never seen anyone even now that we have various television shows and radio broadcasts telling of their similar experience. What does this mean? It means that ufortunatly Charles Maynard has suffered the fate many of us will by having a heart attack outside of the hospital! What does this really say about the Ambulance services in the Bahamas? Are they adequately prepared to deal with the emergencies that happen to the upper class folk every now and then or to the common folk every day? One thing I realize that I cant even begin to understand and many of you might have witnessed this travelling abroad especially to the United States, when there is a serious call there are at least two fire engines a police car and an ambulance team and an ambulance supervisor responding.(almost 13 people) Why is it in the Bahamas only two (2) ambulance attendants respond to an emergency? I have done C.P.R. with the Red Cross and there is NO WAY two people can perform C.P.R on a victim for a five minute period? To think of it… when the ambulance leaves for the hospital only one person is in the back trying to perform C.P.R! What kind of thinking are the hospital powers are doing? The next heart that stops is more likely to do so right in the front of you and what will you do? While getting a little raining might help why is it that our EMS services are so underequipped, understaffed and misdirected to save the lives of common citizens? I know when God calls your card its your time but dayum Two people vs thirteen in an emergency gives ya a chance to get on tv and give your story!! REST IN PEACE CHARLIE TILL THE REST OF US REACH THERE! Unfortunately EMS has to come for us too!



    • You can’t believe everything you read. Were you there to say that the former PM visited dem …. NO you were not. At the end of the day the Bahamian public is not please with the behaviour of Mr.Ingraham

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