What is happening in the Treasury Department? Why businesses cannot get paid?


Rand extention on Grand Bahama bill not paid to contractor.

Government cannot pay money to contractor

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking news coming into Bahamas Press this afternoon confirms the Government is finding it difficult to meet its payments.

Sources in the OPM tell us that bills are stacked up to the roof while businesses cannot get payment from the government for services rendered.

An example of this backup in payment is with a company called Abacore Construction that constructed the theatre complex at the Rand Memorial Hospital on Grand Bahama.

OPM sources showed BP documents that show outstanding payments in the amount of four hundred and fifty thousand dollars [$450,000] owed to the company by the government.

The engineer of record for the complex is Terrence Cartwright.

Bahamas Press has also learnt smaller contractors in New Providence are also getting the runaround from the treasury department. Some claim they are being avoided and ignored by officials.

No one can explain what is happening! BP calls on the powers that be to move quickly and satisfy debts owed to struggling businesses all over this country!

Families have to eat, high electricity payments need to be met, babies are crying for food and the banks are knocking at the door!

Is the treasury broke?

DPP Venette Graham-Allen

Crime gat the DPP head bald

Boy I tell ya CRIME in the Bahamas would cause you to pull out all ya hair. We post this photo of Venette Graham Allen, the country’s DPP, as seen on ZNS yesterday.

When Allen first came to the Bahamas Hubert Ingraham presented her to the Bahamian public as the champion of law and order, announcing how swiftly she had brought cases before the courts in Bermuda!

That small country, you should know, is one tiny island with less than 65,000 people. THIS THE BAHAMAS!

But crime has not gone bad, it has gone WORSE! And is getting, as we say in Bahamianese, “WASSA” or as a Jamaican would say, “WASSA-ER”.

All we at BP are saying in this post though is this: “IF YA DON’T LAUGH, you would CRY!”

City Markets set to close.

City Markets to close – Finlaysons lose 24 million

BREAKING UPDATE <<< Mummy the cupboard and the food store is bare! This was City Markets two weeks ago.

BP paid our respects to the store in Harbour Bay as its closure was evident. There was no meat, bread and very few other items.

The wutless media refused to tell the sad story. Today workers got the shocking news and walked off the job. City Markets announced today what was expected since last year – IT WILL CLOSE ALL ITS STORES ACROSS THE COUNTRY.

This means more workers are now out of a job and more are on the growing unemployment lines.

After getting the news, Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Hubert Ingraham called an emergency meeting with all his candidates to tell them something yesterday. Today, his PR team began buying out all radio stations and blocking television spots.

An election announcement is imminent. As many as 100 employees are now out of a job and see no prospect as to how they will put food on the table this month!

Things are BAD FOR THE FNM!

We report yinner decide!