Where is the Traffic Police?



Nassau continues too sunk into levels of lawlessness, slackness and just plain disregard for order. Now our comments here my be strong, but here again, we ask, where is the POLICE? This loaded truck rode right pass the Central Detective Unit and not a police car stopped or ordered this passenger to sit properly and safely in the back of this truck. The more we see these pictures on our streets, added with motorcycle riders without helmets and speeding down the opposite lane. Cars in high speed chases creating a 3rd lane on a two lane street, the more we know Nassau is sinking into a Cesspit of Lawlessness and DISORDER! And these days officers like Keith BELL, a trained lawyer hold their hands up in the air and resign from the police force. Where are we going with this kind of chaos in this country?


  1. Hello, according o Keith Bell as quoted in the Nassau Guardian, the AG’s office is overwhelmed with traffic cases, and they can’t take no mo’e! So what to do? I say change the law and allow people to be help for 30 days then released as punishment for certain crimes as opposed to charging them, having to go to Court etc., and waste time and money.

  2. I think it is sad when we as a nation have to rely on the Police to make us do what is in the interest of our own safety. If that young man sitting on the back of that truck had any kind of common sense or regard for his own welfare he would not have been sitting there in the first place!! Let’s wake up and stop blaming others for our own slackness. I don’t blame the Police for not stopping that truck. If they didthen they would’ve been accused of “harrassing” the young man any way.. we know that’s how Bahamians go.. So stop blaming the Police for everything and let’s start being responsible citizens!!!

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