'Wutless Media' think evil of poor Bahamians.



DEU raided a home on Bougainvillea Ave. filled with drugs, cash and guns in Prime Minister Ingraham’s neighbourhood.

Nassau, Bahamas: Just a block from the home of the Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham, officers of the drug enforcement unit, raided a home filled with drugs, cash and guns hidden throughout the apartment. However, media reports presented their shock and dismay that drugs could be found in such a high upper middle class neighbourhood.

Bahamas Press views of the media is not good and we would try restrain from responding with vitriolic tones. As we normally do when describing their SILLY comments. To suggest that drugs, guns and crime as whole is only occurring in poor communities is just dumb to think.

Bahamas Press would go as far as to say that the culprits that move drugs in this country do live in the more upper class areas of this society. In the East, West and behind the gates if police could only begin to focus in these areas, they would uncover resident operations of gun running and drug moving mafias. And we believe the discoveries would be in greater numbers then the little man in Bain Town or other lower poorer communities.

We wonder why the police have such a strong focus in places where money is scarce when some of their very own officers who live in some of these upper class communities, who have three story homes, hybrid luxury cars and not a single strip after years on the force. Is not their a law on the books about this kind of lifestyle? If the focus on raids begin in these middle and upper class communities, it would be a JAW DROPPING experience for members of the media.