BREAKING NEWS>>> Bahamian smuggling ring wanted in the US broadcasted on 'American Most Wanted', Henry Pierre sighted working as Assistant Dock Master at Bimini Bay




Devon Russell (left) is wanted on federal murder charges. (Son of the Sea Hauler Captain Allen Russell) And Henry Pierre (right) sighted working as the assistant dock master at Bimini Bay.


Nassau Bahamas – A man wanted in connection with the death of some Haitians smuggled between Bimini and Florida in a fatal voyage was sighted at the popular resort in Bimini early Sunday morning. Residents in Bimini quickly contacted Bahamas Press after viewing the ‘American’s Most Wanted’ last evening. Police have yet to draw in on Henry Pierre a longtime resident of the island who is said to have been an accomplice with a smuggling ring. Since 2005, more than 30 people have died as a result of smuggling rings, alleged to have been carried out by Pierre and his partner Devon Russell, who is also believed to be hiding in The Bahamas and wanted on federal murder charges.

The body of a fully clothed black women found ashore in Pompano Beach on November 5, 2005.

In the early morning hours of November 5, 2005, a fisherman in Pompano Beach, Fla., just north of Fort Lauderdale, discovered the body of a black woman along the shore. He called 9-1-1, and the Broward County Sheriff’s Office responded, searching the area for more clues.

As police combed the beach, they discovered a total of three bodies a few miles apart. The victims were all dead, black women, fully dressed. Also on the beach, deputies picked up shoes, purses, a Bible, a toothbrush and other belongings.

At first, veteran BSO Homicide Sgt. Glenn Bukata didn’t know what he was dealing with. “We really thought a boat had capsized and that there may have been more bodies, more victims,” he said.

Henry Pierre Wanted For Manslaughter , Lauderdale-By-The-Sea , FL
Alien Smuggling For Profit , Palm Beach , FL
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Boat Captain Wanted For Role In Smuggling Ring

Federal, state, and local police agencies in South Florida are cracking down on smuggling of all kinds including illegal aliens, drugs and weapons. In the islands in and around the Bahamas, smuggling is big business. Now, these illegal activities are costing the lives of those innocent people seeking freedom. Henry PIerre, a boat captain, is accused of running a smuggling ring, and cops need your help to catch him.
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  1. Instant Green: You don’t need to “buy that”.

    Do you really think Haitians would go in business with these smugglers if they simply could legally apply for a US visa?

    If they had the option of saying “I will come to work in the US, I won’t apply for welfare, I will pay for those services I use and if I break these rules you can deport me”?

    Granted, some of these “people who live among us” are evil crooks without regard for life.

    Others merely provide a service for which many Haitians gladly and VOLUNTARILY pay their life savings, simply to escape the hell-hole they are in presently. This is a FACT, not something you need to “buy”.

    Those who make us look bad are those who insist that Haitians simply should stay home instead of being allowed to better their lives.

  2. Ohhh come on i dont buy that stop makin excuses fa people who live among us makingus look bad…i een fa dat

  3. Alternatively:

    “Since 2005, more than 30 people have died as a result of” the US government decisions not to allow hard-working Haitians to immigrate legally.

    Given the abysmal situation in Haiti, many Haitians jump at the chance and opportunity given to them by “Bahamian smuggling rings”.

    By eliminating legal avenues of immigration, the US government has forced these people into the hands of the less-than-scrupulous “immigrant smugglers”. And then it gets all self-righteous when a transport goes horribly wrong.

    Of course the Haitians really should stay home to suffer a wretched existence. That is the Christian thing to do…

    • The Republic of Haiti is the land God gave them. The Commonwealth Of The Bahamas is the land God gave us.What they’re doing with their land is no excuse for them to be welcomed anywhere else. Who is to blame for the WRETCHEDNESS that exist in their land? Stop looking for excuses and cease blaming those in foreign jurisdictions for illegal immigration. The Haitians need to look for the solutions within Haiti. It is not right to just go elsewhere to the land of others because yours is giving you problems.That is what is wrong with society today and it breed lawlessness.If your thing ain’t working take someone else own.The devil is a LIAR and the TRUTH is not in him.I REBUKE those DEMONS in the name of JESUS.

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