Who in the FNM has collected a finder’s fee on the board of BTC?


Hubert Ingraham, PM and FNM Party Leader

Nassau, Bahamas Bahamas Press has learnt a senior member of the Free National Movement was paid a 3% finders fee in the transaction of the sale of the ‘CASH COW’ BTC.

The Ingraham government, which operates in absolute OBSCURITY, is now hiding the facts in the deal between Cable and Wireless from the Bahamian people. We told you a longtime ‘YELLOW BRIGADE’ member was appointed chief negotiator for Cable and Wireless and yesterday the nation found out who she was.

How did Sharon Brown get working for Cable and Wireless and does the public know who this character is?  SOME PEOPLE HAVE NO DAMN SHAME! However, let’s get back to our story.

BP is advised the finders fee in the sale will go to a sitting member of the board at BTC. We call on the government who claims to hide things where the sun never shines to come clean with the Bahamian people even if they must come rough dry. We have also heard rumours that this former Banker may be a long time sweetheart of a Senior FNM MP. Is this true?

MAMA LOOKA BOO BOO. LOOK WHO IS NOW WORKING FOR CABLE AND WIRELESS. THE Former GM for FCIB, Sharon Brown. Boy BP good eh? We wonder how she got that job and what she knows about the telephone business.

• We demand to know who will collect the 3% finder’s fee in the sale of the Bahamian public Asset?

• We demand to know what is the total amount to be collected in this deal?

• We demand to know why did the Prime Minister of the Bahamas Meet with the Aga Khan and the King of Spain?

• Did both men have interest in Cable and Wireless?

We call on this WUTLESS back shafting Free National Movement to come clean with the Bahamian people.


  1. I have listened to all of the arguments for and against the sale of BTC; specifically the arguments that speak to the profitability of BTC. The question in my mind that begs an answer is the profitability of BTC really justified. Are we getting the best possible service for the money we pay. Do we get uninterrupted e-mail service to our hand held devices, are we able to send a documents of medium size without a hassle? If we are only interested in cellular services for voice data, then they are adequate. Otherwise we have a problem. I think BTC should be sold if it would afford lower cost and better service. I cannot support maintaining a national company that makes a profit on the backs of the public and still is inadequate in many areas. While Cable & Wireless may not be the company, BTC definitely should be sold. I listen to the union reps, but i do so with caution; they are interested in the best interest of their members which may not be congruent with what’s in the best interest of the country. Their motives are not objective.I feel that BTC as an organization is spoiled, there is a sense of entitlement that have primarily come about because they are a national entity and a monopoly. I believe in free market, the consumer wins at the end of the day. The Turks and Caicos islands has Cable and Wireless and their cellular service and rates are significantly better than ours. Ultimately the capacity of our telecommunications systems contribute to a large extent to our ability to fully integrate and compete globally. Just think is our national interest served by BTC members walking off of the job because of the signing of an MOU. Can the integrity of the system be jeopardized whenever decisions are made that unions and its members find unpopular. I say privatize, probably not cable and wireless but anyone who provides better service at a cheaper price, in my opinion we are definitely not competitive in that regard.

  2. The fnm doing plenty third world deals (TIEFIN) before dey get vote out!!! they makin sure that their pockets are stuffed before they go…and hubert ingraham is the worse one…the absolute worst PM to ever hold office in this country!!!! call election so i could send your STINKIN A#$ home to whereever it is u from…u (Hubert Ingraham) sure as hell can’t be no Bahamaian.
    corrupt FNM losers!!!!

    • Firstly, who is this Willard Character and who give him the esteem right to get on any website and threaten educated people in the New Bahamas. We are not fighting for Black Supremcy no longer, wait, I take that back because we still are and all yall generation then need to get run.
      Our Country is so far behind in everything and they only people doing good in Sir Lynden Dream are the decietful woes who holding it now.
      BTC is one of the only corporation of our country that always have a profit margin and we are selling it,, WHY WHY WHY. Cutting jobs at 30 per cent to bring in more foreigners, wow, when will we step forward, upward onward and together Willard. Now sit ya tied assss down and take your wheel chair and carry the rest of them with you especially Hubert and he Buddy Perry, NO MORE OLD FOLKS

  3. You have no such story cause the way you like to dribble, you would already said it.

    But I sure hope that people stand up to you, publish the story, or the lies, and watch you get brought before the courts, hiding behind the internet.

  4. BP dont allow these ass to tell you what you cant do it freedom of speech they know about that OMG Bahamian people been fool so long they began to talk like those MP PEOPLE ARE TIRED OF THEIR LIES MESS AND USING OTHER TO GET RICH PUBLISH IT ALL AND SEE WHO CANT TOUCH YOU

  5. Don’t start us up tonight cause we would begin to list a story what happen no later than tonight at Junior Junkanoo.

    The story goes like this Cabinet Minister, TWO JUNGALISS WITH GOLD HAIR in the Cabinet Minister’s car with the minister at the wheel. Now here’s the deal! If you mention the word lawsuit one more time against this blog WILARD we promise you we will not only name the name, time, date, place of the incidents, but we will publish the pictures.


    Let’s don’t go there.


    • I, for one, who love to see you publish it. I’m all for truth. What on earth could be holding you back? If you don’t publish the story with names, then I’ll have to assume that you are just blowing smoke – as usual.

  6. This is so serious, Bahamaspress has no regard to the good name of Bahamian people, I call upon the PLP to completely disassociate itself from Bahamas Press.

    We know in the public that many PLP are involved with this disgraceful site. Yes we know the developer of this site, the owners and the writers.

    A Law suit is pending and I intend to assist with the cost of the legal fees.

    Enough is enough,

    • And we call upon the FNM to disassociate itself from the WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas and from the People of the Bahamas! They have FAILED THE PEOPLE OF THIS COUNTRY!

      Oh and Wilard, if the PLP should leave us alone, why in the HELL YOU READING IT?



    • No problem with that! All Wilard L.Dean and the FNM have to do is disassociate themselves from the Punch and the Tribune who spare no moment to slander anyone or anything associated with the PLP. What goes around comes around “ma brudder”:bring it on

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