Letter writer advises young people to not allow themselves to be exploited


A Letter to the Editor

I am a young person and I would like the opportunity to warn other young people out there about getting in job situations that will forever affect their lives.

I was employed by one of Nassau’s most esteemed Non Profit Organizations; I was hired to take my department to the next level; however I was scammed.

I was hired under a verbal agreement between myself and the Director General; she promised me a salary that wasn’t much but I accepted it because I too believed in the cause. However, on my first pay day the salary we had originally agreed on had drastically changed. For the worse.

Perhaps it was partially my fault because some time had passed and I never received a job letter or even a contract stating my duties and responsibilities.  When I would ask, my requests were ignored. Any question about my salary or job description was met with indifference. I thought she made an error in telling me what the salary would be and was embarrassed to admit it.

Instead of admitting that she had made an error in the procedures of hiring me, the DG attempted to make me believe she had never told me that salary and that I was mistaken. I would have been understanding had the salary that she and I had agreed on was not readily accepted by her bosses and she relayed that back to me, but she didn’t and for this, I was not understanding.

She began a campaign to play mind games and insult my intelligence repeatedly. After I had put in writing the salary discrepancies to her, the original salary that we had a verbal agreement on had once again changed and according to her response to my letter, the salary should have been more than what I was receiving, but still less than what was originally promised. However, her reply was so poorly written to protect her that when I was cheated a second time, the letter could have been comprehended in either way.  The letter made her appear confused, inept or deceitful, perhaps all three.

In any event, after I had raised the salary inaccuracy, I was completely disregarded as an employee and with this being my first permanent job since returning home from university, it completely changed my outlook on these types of organizations. The way in which I was treated and regarded went against the very same 7 Fundamental Principles of this Organization.

The Director General was no better as she constantly spoke about me to anyone that would listen, handled the affairs of my department behind my back with no communication to myself and even searched my desk on occasions!

Eventually, I was terminated under the premise that my “performance was lacking”, which was ironic as I never received a job letter stating what was expected of me in the first place, so how can that be measured?

I was thrown in the water and expected to swim and I did my best considering the environment I was in.  Surely, having someone employ you and then fire you for “not performing” with no job letter goes against our labor laws. I stayed with the organization as long as I did out of a sense of moral duty, because she and I had an agreement and regardless if she didn’t keep her end of the agreement, she nor anyone else will never credibly say I didn’t keep mine.

Nevertheless it was a lesson learned and I urge young people to not allow themselves to be exploited by these organizations that operate on the premise of performing the greater good. I have found that their internal dealings with the well qualified and well meaning leaves a lot to be desired. Please insist that you get everything in writing and most of all, do not be fooled by a smiling face or the recognizable symbol of the organization because while the organization stands for something noble, the people running it may not.

If only I had been less trusting and more on my guard this experience would not be on my record. Beware.


A Very Irritated Youth


  1. A very irritated youth is clearly very articulate educated and sound likes she has a bright future in the world of business, It is weird that something as fundamental as an salary would be in discrepancy. Most organizations know that the first day or even before a contract should be signed with all these details. Its a valuable lesson, but I am not sure if trashing the organization is a mature approach. If you feel that you have a legal claim, take it to the labor board. If you can honestly say that you have done ALL that was required and executed your job in a professional manner, you should not have been fired. But move on to another job and a better experience.
    But watch your attitude on the climb, must young people are disrespectful and opinionated without seeming to know how offensive it is.

  2. Well lady, I am very sorry about the pain that you experienced from the hands of the Director General. I feel that it were pure arrogance that occurred on the part of the Director General when she terminated you for no reason. Let this be a lesson to all employees especially the small staff in the Bahamas. Do not let any manager nor Director General take advantage of you and play you for a fool becuase that is what these managers today are best at. Make sure you stand your ground and seek legal advice from any affiliated union and the Ministry of Labor because these managers such as the likes of her are cutthroats.

  3. I too am an irritated youth but for different reasons. I entirely feel your pain and I feel sorry it had to happen to you. Almost as if the DG chose you and tried to plumett you into the ground. Clearly she’s a very wicked woman and I pray she doesn’t have children because when it happens to her child I hope she can handle it. And the saying what goes around comes around is true, some day something of hers will land on your desk and for her sake I pray you’ve forgiven her. Funny I think I know which organization this is…I never supported them because they can never have their financial open.

  4. From what i have read,it is obvious that you are a very intelligent individual,and they might have one this time,but you are the one who is going to make it they cant take what you have ..EDUCATION,so hold your head up you are going places dont let that hold you back.

  5. @Irritated Youth – From the level of your intellect and communications skills as rflected in this letter written to the editor I can assure you that you are going places and Industry leaders wonder why young college graduates don’t want to return home? If people can’t be paid comparably to what others are being compensated on an international level at least have the common decency to honor commitments made and beyond that act in good faith and treat people with respect. I have been there and had that done to me and now I myself am in industry leader who will never find himself guilty of same so keep your head up – better days ahead!

  6. From week one when things were not right is when you would of kick them in the backside,How it starts is how it will finish most of the time,you needed the job and was willing to stay so they used you.Remember”HOW IT STARTS IS HOW IT WILL FINISH”in most cases.

  7. well am old and still learning there are sharks out there looking to get rich off both young and old,i met a con artist few months ago he taught he cough get me caught in his web of scams but i allow him to ride the wave and when i found out what he doing , right now he cant face me i have cornered them and trust me the police will be picking them up and a few or so there are too many white color crime and they think to themselves the are so clever, right now they all trying to cover their end and am just sitting back and listen to how some Bahamian dishonest about how they do business and am not allowing this to get sweet under the rug am going to make sure they walk a round with their head under there shirt too long they prey on the poor and get rich

    • By the grace of God these people will be exposed and their deeds will haunt them. Be strong and see it as a stepping stone. My God takes care of babes and the innocent.

  8. I too as a young person have been burned in a similar situation. I agree with puddin, step on that experience and move forward. It’s really unfair that companies/organizations can legally treat employee however they want to. That was probably an uncomfortable position, but just brace yourself because you can get alot worse… talking from experience.

  9. Dear Very Irritated Youth, your experience has been one in which your value and contribution to our society like so many intelligent, honest persons whose parents taught them the golden rule lay at the feet of persons who fail to see the baton handed over to an honourable person makes the difference between integrity and hypocrisy expressed. Action speaks louder than words in our country with the intention of others who are dishonest being misguided by the smile and sincerity of deception so disguised. There is always a gut feeling that something it not right. Follow through and honour yourselves in whatever it is that you do by understanding INTEGRITY IS PRICELESS AND RARE, KEEP IT AND SAFEGUARD IT AT ALL COST BY LEARNING THE LESSON AND MOVING ON KNOWING TOO MANY FAIL TO KEEP THEIRS.

  10. Welcome to the real world. Take the experience for what it was – an eye opener and an opportunity to learn some invaluable lessons. Do not let it define who you are and what you will become. Consider yourself lucky that you have walked through the fire early in your career instead of later. To hell with the D-G and the organization. As you progress professionally you will come across many more sharks in the water. However, now you will be better equipped to recognize and deal with them accordingly. You seem to have the right attitude so pick yourself up, dust yourself off and move forward to achieve the greatness for which you were destined.

  11. girl don’t worry about a ting. you done leave them behind. you have moved on. losing a job could unfairly could make ya mad but let the madness move you forward. eagles and budgie don’t mix. go where you belong. don’t let this experience jack up your self esteem…move on

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