Who instructed this victimization witch-hunt at BAIC involving the police?


This matter could have been dealt with better at BAIC!

BAIC Building

Nassau, Bahamas – Serious questions are now being asked following alleged investigations at the BAIC office where some 9 PLPs were arrested and dragged into the Central Detective Unit over an allegation of theft by way of employment.

Now this is even more serious after we discovered that a former head of the FNM Torchbearer’s Association in the person of Inspector Allyson Ferguson led the inquiry.

Some are wondering who filed a complaint with the police and questioned whether there was even ever a report made to detectives. And here’s the details the press will hide.

A TV and a hard drive was removed from the office of former Director of BAIC. As a result someone at the corporation called the police and before you know it a patrol car showed up with guns drown and 9 persons were taken into custody. The persons in question were employees at the Corporation. They spent a night in police custody and were all later released.

On Thursday aided with three lawyers former Managing Director Dion Smith went down to CDU to clarify the matter with police.

Now this is strange as we know, just days before, BP alerted the General Manager at BAIC of the fact that workers in that department were claiming serious harassment allegations. And then, just hours later, we hear how police were in the complex removing selected persons out of the building and placing them under arrest.

We want clarity on these developments and we want to know whom in the department or which minister in the government issued the instructions for police to detain workers? To us this appears as something simple. The former MP heading up the department had some personal items he should have removed before the General Elections. He decided to remove them afterwards and now it’s a full investigation?

The employees who suffered the unfortunate embarrassment have all returned on the job. We at BP put the question forward…WHO INSTRUCTED THIS VICTIMIZATION PLOT? And why this simple misunderstanding had to suffer such a national embarrassment played out on TV and in the papers? You must wonder if sane people are still in the government employ!

We report yinner decide!