Why are Deloitte and Touche consultants for Road Traffic still here?


The OPM and Ministry of Finance.

Nassau – Bahamas Press is now deep inside the Ministry of Finance where we know huge salaries are being paid to some consultants who do absolutely nothing in office.

BP is tracking how some consultants Deloitte and Touche brought in to oversee the implementation of the Road Traffic programme are just sitting in office and are doing absolutely nothing.

We know the Road Traffic project has been completed for more than a year now but the crew who moved in and out of the country – all paid for by taxpayers – are still hanging around.

Right now at Road Traffic road users are being told there are no decals and, well, members of the motoring public are being given letters to show the police if stopped.

The question we at BP have is this: Why are those Deloitte and Touche consultants here if their work has been completed more than over a year ago?

We report yinner decide!