Williams lawyers confirm his attack was racially motivated!



FLORIDA|Another amazing story goes quiet in the Bahamas after Bahamian Foreign Minister Darren Henfield told Parliament Harold Williams’ attack was only an assault.

But attorney for Williams, Jasmine Rand, confirmed what BP said from the beginning that the attack on their client in a Florida Pembroke Pines deli last month, where he was stabbed in the face, was unprovoked and racially motivated!

The Foreign Minister and MPs joked in Parliament over the matter and the WUTLESS MEDIA in the Bahamas has not followed up the story! Not one media house in the Bahamas has interviewed Williams since his violent attack in Florida – WHAT IS THIS?! NOT ONE!

Williams is a victim of a hate crime! He was a victim on foreign soil and he will get justice in the US before he gets a defence from his own WUTLESS Government!

Bahamas Press supports Williams claims! He is a VICTIM! And he should remind the great justice system in the United States of America that he is traumatised as a result of this unwarranted crime on his life!

We report yinner decide!

Harold Williams following his stay in hospital.