A big-time FNM and PLP have both been fired at the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation!


Will the government table in Parliament the findings of the BMC Audit and its finding? WILL THE MINNIS GOVERNMENT BE TRANSPARENT?

Patrick Ward – Chairman of BMC

BP Breaking News| Two managers deep inside the Bahamas Mortgage Corporation were fired by the board today following serious and dangerous allegations from an internal audit.

Both workers were placed on suspension last month. Only BP reported the details when the suspensions were confirmed.

On Thursday both managers collected their walking papers at the Corporation. Patrick Ward is the Chairman for the BMC. He you should remember was the former Chairman of NIB when a serious scandalous affair of pay increases and bonuses with Algernon Cargill were distributed at the National Insurance Board without the knowledge or approval of the Board at the time.

One of the men at BMC was hired by troubled Cabinet Minister Duane Sands back in 2007 when he served as Chairman of the Corporation. The other, we believe, was hired sometime by the PLP and is related to the GG. What is dis?

What did the audit find? Was theft at the centre of the Corporation’s decision today?

And what happened to the Anti-Corruption Unit, if this is the case? Were the allegations reported to the police? If not, why not?

BP is now deep inside the building and we want to know who did the audit and how were they selected.

We report yinner decide!