Adrian Gibson has created Chaos in Water and Sewerage for the past 23 Months!


And PM Minnis has lost control of his Government as it goes down hill everyday!

WSC Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson

NASSAU| For almost 23 months Adrian Gibson been stirring up problems for the staff at the Water and Sewerage Corporation. 

He attacked the former General Manager Glenn Laville and executives in Parliament before forcing them out. 

Gibson commissioned an Ernst and Young Audit, that he has yet to tell the public how much it cost. NO ACCOUNTABILITY!

He called police for workers who attempted to hold a Union Meeting on the compound after working hours. These people don’t believe in the Freedom of Assembly!

He boasted in a morning daily how he called police for three WSC employees in a concocted cooked up story that they stole some fire hydrants. Eventually those charges were withdrawn after failing in court! And guess what? All those hydrants were all accounted for.

Gibson is now publicly attacking the Unions at WSC, even withdrawing the pay of the UNION PRESIDENT, Dwayne Woods!

But you know, you have heard nothing about Harry Joseph. The public hears absolutely nothing about this ex-police who wiggled his way into the Corporation to spy on staff.

We hear nothing of how Joseph came into WSC, and why he quickly left following a stalking exercise reported by the then head of the Internal Controls Department Mrs. Kimberley Rolle. 

Joseph told police he was hired to monitor staff at WSC. He was placed in charge of some electronic devices throughout the Corporation. And get this – when searched in Human Resources Department on Joseph’s employment there were no files him. Who brought him into WSC? How did he get on the payroll? How much was Joseph paid? Who executed cheques on his behalf? How did that happen?

And while all this plays out in the silence of Chairman Gibson, The Water and Sewerage Corporation has yet to fill the vacancy left by Mrs Rolle, who abruptly left WSC in disgust; penning a lengthy letter exposing the evil being brought against employees by executives.

And still even after a recording surfaced all across social media confirming the attempted entrapment of a worker at WSC, Gibson remains mute on the issue. He has said absolutely nothing about that and the press refuses to ask about it. How said!

On Wednesday Executive Chairman Gibson told the Parliament that he believes in accountability? As Papa would say, “Chil, Please”! 

Readers following all this madness must wonder what kind of connection does Adrian Gibson have with the police? You know, only the Commissioner of Police can authorize the tapping of phones. We ga leave that there for now.

While the Chairman and his minions are flying around the world like drunken sailors, still to this day no appointment has been made to fill the vacancy left by the Chief Financial Officer Mrs. Sandra Edgecombe. And we wonder: Who is watching the purse at WSC?

But what is most shocking yesterday was when PRIME MINISTER MOST HONOURABLE EVER stood to his feet in Parliament and said he supports the Executive Chairman Adrian Gibson. Well blow me down the PM supports WUTLESS LEADERSHIP!

The Minister with Responsibility for Water and Sewerage is not in the country! He has been quiet despite all these developments. he says nothing and has vanished. In fact, Desmond Bannister has been silent for the last month and no one has seen him! Where ya think he is these days?

This crew is LOST! With No Plan or Vision for the country!

We report yinner decide!