Woman confronts teacher at A. F. Adderley Junior High bald-naked warning her to leave her husband alone…


BP NOW HAS FOOTAGE! Forty Years and look what The Bahamas has come to?

Woman walkes into A. F. Adderley to confront a teacher having an affair with her husband. Where was School Police?

Only IN THE BAHAMAS PEOPLE – A Woman walks into the A F Adderley public school bald-naked to confront a teacher that was sleeping with her husband!

The walked into the classroom filled with underage students to tell the educator – “YOU THINK MY HUSBAND GA LEAVE ME? LEAVE THIS (Blank) and (BLANK) for you?”

What a lesson on physical anatomy”. Bahamas Press has learnt the educator was recently removed from another school for the same reason and was placed in AF, but now the same problem has reoccurred.

BP is asking where in the hell was the School Police?

What a time!