Letter Writer Expresses Disgust with Obie Wilchcombe MP for West End and Bimini


Party Must Quickly Change Course or Face the music later

Minister of Tourism Obie Wilchcombe set to be chased out of constituency.

Dear Editor Bahamas Press,

Good day to you Sir.

I am a faithful follower of your publication and find your articles to be very astute and informative. I have never been involved in an on-going public conversation of this nature but in this instance, I felt compelled to chime in at this momentous time in our nation’s history.

We are only days away from celebrating our 40 birthday as an Independent and Sovereign democracy and I believe the current debacle in the north speaks to where we are in our growth at this time.

I am speaking specifically of The Minister of Tourism and the uproar from his Generals and PLPs in Bimini. Sir, if you think they are angry, you should check on the ones in the other part of his constituency, West Grand Bahama.

He has had no public meetings here since being elected.  He has not even said thank you to the people of West Grand Bahama and Bimini.

His once staunch followers who were the envy of many an MP because of their un-questioned loyalty and I dare say, TRUE LOVE for Mr. Wilchcombe, are now former supporters who have finally seen him in his true colors; selfish, arrogant and un-caring.

He has turned his back on his number one General, a man who was his back-bone, his anchor and even a surrogate Father to him in every situation no matter the circumstance.

Talk to people all across his constituency, no one supports him or wants to see him.

The majority of families in West End are just barely eking out a living, unemployed, and struggling from day to day.

But they are a proud people, never complaining, never with a hand-out begging for bread.

They have a history of taking care of their own, even the bad boys are known for helping their neighbours and coming together for the good of the community.

That’s why the Bahamas has not heard them making noise over being abandoned and left to die by their own Member of Parliament.

They have suffered in silence.

But how much more must these people endure?

They deserve better than this.

They deserve the access to opportunity that was promised; the access to opportunity that all hard-working Bahamians deserve.

They deserve what they thought they elected; a man who said The Bahamas for Bahamians and God for us all.

A man who said if we sent him to parliament again and he would be instrumental in economically empowering Bahamians so that the ordinary man could participate in the great resurgence planned by the Progressive Liberal Party; A man who invoked the name of God Almighty and the integrity of the PLP all in the same breath.

But the last time I checked Mr. Editor, ‘een nuttin’ change: money still the only thing that buy land and talk is the only thing that still cheap!

And while for the moment, I remain resolute in my belief that the PLP is the party that we need in this era of our development to shepherd us through these perilous times I also firmly believe that we deserve better from the men and women we have lifted up, admired and revered.

The men and women who took Sacred and Holy vows to forego self and offered themselves up as PUBLIC SERVANTS (!)

I think one or two bad apples in the bunch should not be allowed to spoil the entire crop.

Mr. Editor, thank you for your time.

Be Blessed Bahamas!!”