Young toddler dies following drowning in Resorts World pool…

Resorts World Bimini

BP BREAKING| A young child drowned in a pool at the closed Resorts World Bimini last night.

The child – only a toddler – was left unattended and fell into the deep part of the pool.

Emergency orders limit parties and gatherings, but the children were all gathered, partying, when the incident occurred.

What is worse is the fact that the resort is closed to the public. However, the security officer breached the rules, allowing the locals onto the property, therefore, in a way, they were trespassing. 

The mother, along with friends, were busy drinking beverages from a cooler while the children were left unattended to splash around in the pools of the people’s private houses. 

This is carelessness and an immediate investigation must be done by the police. How in the hell did locals end up in Resorts World in the first place?

We report yinner decide!

We pray for the soul of the child.