Police caught a 21-year-old with a loaded pistol in his pants pocket…he is accused of attempting to kill man on bail for murder!

Man on bail for 2018 murder Vernal Johnson

NASSAU| Police have arrested the man who they believe attempted to kill Vernal Johnson on August 7th on Graham Drive in the Yellow Elder Gardens community.

Police found Jarvis Joseph with a 9mm pistol even after he became the person of interest in that shooting incident.

Now Johnson, who lives on Dumping Ground Corner, is currently on bail for the 2018 murder of Rico Taylor and the attempted murder of Anfernee Major and Joseph (the man now in custody for his attempted murder). 

Crown prosecutors believe Joseph, Shacardo Culmer and Demetrius Brown were all together in a vehicle when they rolled up on Johnson who sat in his car on Graham Drive during the incident.

Police found 21-year-old Joseph with a loaded gun in his pants pocket. He told police he found the weapon but was attempting to sell it as he pleaded guilty to possession of the firearm and ammo.

Well, what is this? Ya walking up and down in New Providence and these people gat gun on dem?

We report yinner decide!