ZNS a/c off leaving inside the BCB smelling like the Wuhan animal market!

ZNS News Set

NASSAU| BP is learning ZNS is in shambles post-COVID-19 and with Minnis calling for all government workers to head back to work, the Broadcasting Corporation has gone from bad to worse.

First up the mattress dragging gal is back to work after being sent home a few weeks ago. Thanks to the power of the “P”!¬†

ZNS a/c system has been knocked out and, boy, the smells coming out the newsroom are like the animal market in WUHAN CHINA! No exhaust and it is so hot one female reporter almost took off all her clothes including her wig.

Meanwhile, the nightly stale news cannot stay on TV live. A few nights ago the newscast went blank leaving the few viewers puzzled as to what is going on with the network. Could sabotage be the reason?

We report yinner decide