NIB Fraud Department investigating a serious scam at the Board!

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| BP is learning the National Insurance Board’s Fraud Department has opened an investigation on a number of claims which have entered its system.

Sources close to the investigation tell us investigators have discovered NIB officers are charging distressed clients(unemployed) to put their claims through the system.

BP is learning all individuals caught in the scam will be turned over to the police.

Someone at NIB more than a month ago shutdown the Board’s online ESS system making it difficult for clients to apply for benefits.

The IT head hired by Bensil Rolle is as lost as “Dorothy” in The Wizard of Oz when it comes to repairing the online system.

Competent techs designed NIB’s online platform to engaged some 300,000 logins per second. This means if the people who are now in place knew what they were doing, they will easily be able to assist customers without physical traffic.

The IT department head is clueless and cannot steer the maintenance of the system. The Director, on the other hand, who spends all her efforts on higher academic pursuits is also clueless! LOST IN SPACE, and skipping is behind “Dorothy” to find “The Wizard”. Meanwhile, the citizens – who stand around and watch the collapse of NIB – are like the Munchins in the movie crying aloud, “How in da hell we get like this?”

Persons are some days standing on long lines in the rain awaiting a cheque that cannot be ready as the Board published struggling unemployed Bahamians in the papers to disgrace them in public. WHAT IS THIS?

Meanwhile, we wonder if Minister Brensil Rolle has he learned how to use his computer as yet, or he still playing games?

We report yinner decide!