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Dear Editor,

The Great Big National Insurance Board held its annual tree lightning recently, and a notice was circulated advising staff that there would be lots of food and drinks.

Well, half hour into the ceremony the staff was waiting for the eats. The BIG CHIEF in HR who was FIRED from Colina for parading, advised one of the other HR representatives to find out when the food was coming.
When contacted, the caterer advised when they presented a quote to NIB, the Board never agreed with the quote, nor did it honour it by paying the required deposit. Thus, no food was prepared.

The HR Management and PR Personnel then had to scramble to good old Kentucky Fried Chicken to feed the faithful group who stayed behind to witness the event.

The big joke of the day was that the HR MANAGEMENT was trying to spite the internal chef by not ordering food from him because she feels he is off another political persuasion.

The National Insurance Board is running down people to pay their contributions, however, they refuse to meet their own obligations. They are taking the people money to renovate and have party after party after party.
Time for Cargill, Ward and King to GO!


Sick of NIB


  1. I do agree with Paul, National Insurance Board need to be made accountable . Why is Cargill soo special ? Is it because he’s a special friend of the pm?

  2. I do agree with Paul, National Insurance Board need to be made accountable like all the other ministries. Why should the National Insurance Board be different? This inquiring mind needs to know how much money was spend for ALL of that!

  3. I know when Kentucky was a big hit at functions but I guess “the finger lickin chicken” is below us these days.  I was once told,” a belly full is a belly full”.

    On one hand the NIB Board catches hell for over-spending  and when they spend too little  they are criticized by their own.

    “Sick of NIB”, needs to stay home for a couple of days more  until he/she feels better because clearly this person is not thinking like a well person.

    • Was the belly full the issue….or was it wasting more money at the tax payers expense.Was the tree lighting necessary when the Board had a great big party on the weekend!  How much did the tree lighting cost?  How much did the Christmas party cost.   Why should we tax payers pay for an organization to party party party.Was the event necessary?  Pray tell the public how many persons attended and what did it cost the Board.   Then tell us what was spent at the Christmas party.   The Government needs to look at the spending of NIB.   Why is NIB treated differently from any other establishment.   The fact that Cargill is collecting a few dollars more from tax payers does not warrant that he should spend more.   Cargil needs to go, go and go now.   He does not understand the math….collecting on one hand and spending on the other does not give hope for the future pensioners Stop the careless spending of NIB funds.   It is not his personal piggy bank.

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