An open letter to NORRIS BAIN

Norris Bain

Dear Mr. Bain

A number of Opposition supporters and myself have worked hard to rid Marco City of a useless Member of Parliament in the person of Zhivargo Laing. Recently, Mr. Laing saw fit to publicly anoint and support you as his able and willing successor, however, as I pointed out then and point out now, there are several reasons why the good people of Marco City will reject you, as they were planning to do Mr. Laing.

(1) First, you will be stifled, unable to voice your opinion about anything because of the leadership under which you have signed up. ‘Papa Clown’ (Hubert Ingraham) will do to you what he did to the Former Housing Minister (Ken Russell), Vernae Grant, Carl Bethel, Kendal Wright and Sidney Collie. The question is can you handle that sort of treatment? But more importantly, how will your rapidly declining constituency members feel when their Representative is denigrated in public without any recourse?

(2) Second, from the day you were nominated, the dishonorable Junior Minister of State for Finance (Zhivargo Laing) has done you more harm than good because his lame apology fell on deaf ears as did his vacuous promises which had already turned off the residents of Marco City, who had no intentions of voting “Red”. The outgoing Junior Minister’s lousy track record has done you and the entire FNM (Free National Mess) Party more harm than good and will prove to be a millstone around your neck …. That is a fact!

(3) Third, we must not forget when the ‘good for nuttin’ Junior Minister sat on his behind, as the owners of the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) allowed Freeport (the nation’s second city) to get mired in a legal dispute that has only enriched the lawyers on each side as the town and all of its economic prospects dropped from “paradise to purgatory” FACT !!

(4) Finally, by agreeing to align with the proven incompetent Junior Minister, you have agreed to sign up for certain defeat! He bestowed on you his blessings but I am certain that after the upcoming General Election, you, Mr. Bain, would rather eat a dead rat washed down by a glass of 3 month old milk than to drink from the poisoned chalice held by Zhivargo Laing and accept his ill-fated endorsement.

In closing, you still have time to avoid this embarrassing fate; you can quit the party and run as an Independent (or better yet, pull out altogether), rather than face the humiliation that awaits you in Marco City and the certain beating by the PLP candidate, who has a superior vision, jobs plan and economic development ideas for the constituency and the Greater Freeport area. You still have time to re-think, Mr.Norris Bain.

J.Maxfield Outten