Letter writer asks: Is the Government Breaking the Law?


Letter-BPDear Editor,

Yesterday I went to pay for my P.O. Box Rental at the main post office and was astonished to see a paper sign pasted up on one of the sales counters stating that VAT will be imposed on the rental costs!

I am not a lawyer, but to my way of thinking and as I indicated to the postal clerk, it must be against the law for government to impose VAT on the customer at the ‘point of sale’ point when 1) the renewal form that was sent out before December 2015 clearly states the rental cost amount in writing; 2) there has been no notice sent out to customers beforehand about VAT being added; 3) there had not been any public announcement printed in the newspapers or made in the media; and 4) there is no VAT registration certificate on prominent display at the post office!

As a public service agency why does the postmaster general (or whoever made this decision) feel that they can randomly impose a cost increase without sufficient notice to the general public? The clerks are not allowed to issue a receipt unless VAT is paid. I told the clerk to watch for my letter in the press – and here it is!

Bahamians, please let your voices be heard so that persons who have already paid VAT on their P.O. Box rental can be refunded!

Sincerely,Pam Burnside